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  1. adelani

    McDonalds orders

    Me and @Turtliii thought of what we think the staff team would get at mcdonalds. Here's the outcome of this Monis: Chicken sandwich no mayo add ketchup Dawn: 20 piece nuggets Angel: Smarties flurry. Icathians: cheese burger Beth: Chicken Selects with sweet chilli Bri: Grilled chicken salad...
  2. adelani


    Okay so i was afk making dinner and i come back.. to see this. @madaalyn @cherrilove @https_jae @Devvinn @Inhf I love you all but this is so scary
  3. adelani

    Count until boys stop us.

    I've seen this sort of thing a lot, but haven't seen this specific one. So this is how it works: Girl: 1 Girl: 2 Boy: No Girl: 1 It's pretty simple when you get the hang of it! Let's see how big this gets :) I'll start! 1
  4. adelani

    Song suggestions?

    I've been listening to the same songs a lot, I'm in need of some new ones lol.
  5. adelani

    This was fun.

    I love late nights with ali screaming at me because i was right and her messing up voxel :D. Cheers for Jess @Jeessica @hiali
  6. adelani

    Theme ideas <3

    The inactive's host a build battle every now-and-again and it can sometimes be tricky to think of themes. Ideas would be appreciated! Thank you! xoxo - the inactive community.
  7. adelani

    Favourite movie?

    For lazy days, can I have some movie suggestions? thank you xoxo -abi
  8. adelani

    Quotes please? <3

    I enjoy putting positive, short quotes on my status. Can you leave me some suggestions on some good ones?
  9. adelani


    any good quotes? :P