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  1. Bennie_Eyelash


    You may have remember the recent... fail that was the game show BAM! BUT WITH THE SAME HOST, WE ARE GLAD TO PRESENT CF'S NEW ESCAPE THE NIGHT GAME SHOW!!! This season of CF'S ETN will be like no other game show before! Will you be able to ESCAPE THE NIGHT? COMING VERY SOON APPLICATIONS...
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    Leo Tolstoy once said " you can love a person dear to you with human love, but an enemy can only be loved with divine love" basically saying that people crave that feeling of arguing and being right. sadly enough there can never be full peace. making peace is harder than starting war. i just...
  3. Bennie_Eyelash

    Black lives matter.

    love how silent the chat-mod are on this :rolleyes:
  4. Bennie_Eyelash

    Black lives matter.

    this is not a fight. chat mods should join us, not be against us. #blm
  5. Bennie_Eyelash

    Black lives matter.

    i couldnt type more then 30000 characters so please reply if you would like more? maybe year by year threads?
  6. Bennie_Eyelash

    Black lives matter.

    Beneath me are the names of people killed by police in the past decade. sadly due to the copious amount of racism that has been going on the server, cf will infact be losing a lot of its players. its sad that chat mod believe that muting people are more important than supporting blm, and it...
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    Help me cheat on my math test!

    8-7, then divided by 2? thats .5?
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    It's an ICE LOLLY

    <33333 evcellent
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    Chronicle Quest TRAILER - Grand Opening

    Amazingly done! I love it <3
  10. Bennie_Eyelash

    Contest BAM! Season One! (Escape the night / The Circle) - Long Term Game Show

    well hopefully we move it to server discussion *looks at bug*
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    New Profile Pic For Moldy_Breads

    i am in fact a very big fan of your user name >.<
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    Weekly Quotes #1

    This week's topic: Not Giving Up "A diamond is a chunk of coal that did better under pressure" - Unknown "If you ever feel like giving up something, remember why you started it." - Unknown "Success all depends on the second letter" -Unknown "Don't go through life, GROW through life" - Eric...
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    Dora appreciation

    And now dora is not chat-mod. After doing her job and getting attacked. We got the people who were doing this to her banned. But you know what they say "we need to sacrifice things to get what we want" even if it is being demoted.
  14. Bennie_Eyelash

    Contest BAM! Season One! (Escape the night / The Circle) - Long Term Game Show

    ahh yes there will be, we don't know like exact dates but its like early 1900's, so older type clothes will do.
  15. Bennie_Eyelash

    Contest BAM! Season One! (Escape the night / The Circle) - Long Term Game Show

    CF'S NEW BAM IS ALREADY FOR ITS VERY FIRST SEASON! ( CREATED BY @ThqseQceanEyes AND @bugclaus ) Discord's are ThqseQceanEyes#5312 and rin kinnie (bug)#9859 What Is BAM! BAM! is a new long term game show where we have combined the concept's of escape the night, the circle, and other popular...