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  1. angelrus

    My Re-Re-Re Introduction :)

    Hello qts of cf ♡ If you don't know me, I'm angel! I joined this server around late 2016 and I have playing ever since! I'm a small gamer/weeb, I like to play roblox, overwatch, and minecraft! My favorite roblox games are phantom forces and scp breach, and I like to play supports on overwatch...
  2. angelrus

    should I make a company?

    So you know in the days back then, there was a good amount of companies going around, opening shops and restaurants all over the cf server. Now, I have been thinking about opening my own right now for a bit actually. So please, vote on if I should open one or not : )
  3. angelrus


    bro im sorry, rebacca sugar, steven universe is an amazing series, so please don't end it, it cant be ending. you have made me cry too many times. I grew up with steven universe so please don't leave. you made me feel for so happy, but thank you for making this ---------------------------------...
  4. angelrus

    how to make/host a good roleplay

    I've been apart of creativefun for a good amount of years and I have roleplayed for a good amount of time. I have my fair share of hosting, building roleplays, and roleplaying. So, I will like to give some tips for people who are starting to make a new roleplay! ▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ ≪----》 █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄...
  5. angelrus

    The Myth Of CF4

    So I'm sure everyone knows of CF4, it is spare server that has no one online ever (/list) from when I'm on. Now, there are many myths of this strange and empty server we call "CF4". Is it really another server? Is it a hangout for staff? Is it just for show? Or are they making something huge...
  6. angelrus

    omg .-.

    So not to long ago, there was these group of people hating on @SuperInfh (ily) for no reason really. It was really annoying and just mean tbh. I really don't know why they did it but they kinda just kept hating on dora. They were like "Oh mute me if you are [censored]" and dora had to mute since...
  7. angelrus

    applications to be my friend

    I'm feeling quite the lonely now, so why not get some friends! but then I realized that it's really hard, so im make an applications to become a good pal, buddy , friend, and close friend. So just give me some info about you and lets see if you are cool enough for me : )
  8. angelrus

    stay save guys

    I'm pretty sure everyone knows about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) so I wanted to just share some info I found about it. Note: This is not to scare anyone, it's just to inform some basic info about it so people can prevent COVID-19 What Does COVID-19 Target? COVID-19 targets the respiratory system...
  9. angelrus

    im annoyed

    I sWeaR tO gOd if someone comes up to me in cf and says "you probably a rich spoiled kid because you have a $100 rank" im flip out. like, i may not have a job but i saved up the money for 2 yEarS like omg please stop. This is completely directed to that aura person that said that to me not to...
  10. angelrus

    To my science teacher

    Dear -------, I looked at my Infinite Campus for my grade in your class. (Which I have a C in) and when I went to check how much I need for my grade, I AM 0.31% AWAY FROM GETTING A B. I know that you don't allow extra credit, BUT CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE ME A SMALL CURVE. I DONT WANT A C IN MY REPORT...
  11. angelrus

    Why am I still awake?

    If a duck had no wings, would it still float? If a fish had no fins, would it still swim? If a horse and no tail, would it still stand up straight? These questions are what keep me awake. Just like the monster under my bed. That comes out every night to scare my awake. But when morning comes...
  12. angelrus

    I can't upload my file

    I'm trying to upload a file from "Fire Alpaca" but it won't let me upload it, do you know how I could upload my file?
  13. angelrus

    Old/Memorable memories of creative fun?

    I wanted to know what everyone's old memories of creative fun. The oldest memory is me hating creative fun because someone greifed my build. I know it's no cf's fault, it's just my young self was really sad/mad. One of the most memorable memory is joining the " Grumpyrp " community. They...
  14. angelrus

    I was wondering..

    What is everyone's zodiac sign? I'm a Capricorn : )
  15. angelrus

    a lil note

    so I've been going to random people and giving them a lil note. It basically says " you hot keep going" i've signed the book and everything, so if you get it, please spread it to your friends or just random people. If you don't have it, put your username below and i'll try give it to you...
  16. angelrus

    Netflix suggetisons!

    Hello there :D I recently got Netflix and I haven't gotten any good Netflix shows that I should watch, is there any suggestions?
  17. angelrus

    Monis at area 51 confirmed?!

    s[/MEDIA] Monis going to area 51 with his ban hammer, he wants to see those aliens. credit to Paesthetic's profile post, gave me the idea to make this
  18. angelrus

    CF Plot

    Hi! I accidenty bought a cf plot on cf3 and I was wondering if I could move it to cf2.
  19. angelrus

    You've got mail!

    Hello! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ I'm bunnei! I've decided to make an introduction since I've change my name lately so, here we go! I've been apart of creative fun for about I'm guessing 3 years now. I've upgraded from a $25 rank to a $100 rank about the start of 2019. I've been on forums for a close 1 year...
  20. angelrus

    my first time

    This is my first time drawing with a mouse and my first time drawing on the computer :D. This is my good friend @uwugayy