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  1. SuperMonis

    Rank not updating on store website

    I have fixed this for you now, it should be working. Let me know if it isn't.
  2. SuperMonis

    Rank not updating on store website

    I'll fix this for you so that you are registered as a $65 Donator, this will let you upgrade to $100 by paying the difference ($35). At the moment the system for registering players on the webstore is currently down. As soon as I'm able to fix this issue for you I will reply again on here.
  3. SuperMonis

    Rank not updating on store website

    What is your minecraft username?
  4. SuperMonis

    Build Contest - Deadline April 18th

    Hi everyone, It's time to host a server wide build contest! This contest is open to all players including staff. The top 3 finalists of the contest will be awarded with a rank or rank upgrade depending on what their current rank is. If you're a $100 donator rank and you win, you'll be given the...
  5. SuperMonis

    New build contest????

    Very soon, it was supposed to be at the beginning of April but now that everyone is at home it makes sense to start one in a few days.
  6. SuperMonis

    Server Progress - 01/03/2020

    Hi everyone, This post is just to give an update on the current situation with 1.15.2 progress. As of now we plan to have the server updated to 1.15.2 (or 1.16 if it is released soon) at some point in May with a lot of the basic WorldEdit commands working. In this post I'll be highlighting the...
  7. SuperMonis


    | Friday 28/02/2020 Improve DDos protection against layer 7 attacks preventing players from being disconnected while mitigation is occurring.
  8. SuperMonis

    CreativeFun WorldEdit

    Make /plot clear fast and efficient, rely on custom worldedit plugin
  9. SuperMonis


    | Website changes Moved all suggestion threads (Server, Website, Discord) into one forum Custom link to all suggestion threads is now Moved the forum (Youtube) into the Website Category | Saturday 25/01/2020 Fixed several false positives in the chat filter...
  10. SuperMonis

    Closed Build Contest Winners - January 2020

    Hi everyone, I'd just like to personally thank everyone who submitted a build for this competition. We had a lot of great submissions but in the end there can only be three winners! Don't worry though, if you didn't win there's always next time. There will be another build contest starting on...
  11. SuperMonis


    | Website changes Necroposting on suggestions is now allowed Custom link to the forum suggestions is now | Monday 20/01/2020 Improve performance for role signs
  12. SuperMonis


    | Sunday 19/01/2020 Attempt to fix an issue causing players to get "Timed out" Set the comma in /list correctly to gray Make the "Staff:" in /list bold red
  13. SuperMonis


    | Friday 17/01/2020 Fix an issue preventing players from claiming or buying plots due to accessing signs asynchronously
  14. SuperMonis


    | Thursday 16/01/2020 Fix an issue causing players to get timed out on all servers Improve performance for role signs with chunk loading
  15. SuperMonis


    | Monday 13/01/2020 Performance improvement for role signs
  16. SuperMonis

    Thank you for all the birthday wishes! :D

    Thank you for all the birthday wishes! :D
  17. SuperMonis


    | Wednesday 08/01/2020 Add support for multi colored names Further performance improvement to role signs
  18. SuperMonis


    | Wednesday 01/01/2020 Improve performance of role signs
  19. SuperMonis

    I need help with world edit

    Your paste is not allowed to have any of the items listed here -
  20. SuperMonis

    ummm please help

    If you get that book it just means that you were caught with inappropriate items, the items get removed when you get that book. Just make sure you don't keep items that are named with inappropriate words.