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  1. SuperMonis

    Reporting and roleplay name changes

    Reporting and roleplay name changes Hi everyone, We've made it easier to get confirmed reports. There's a lot more staff members online with the recent promotions so I agree that it's a little unfair to expect people to raise their report ratio when a staff member is likely to manually mute...
  2. SuperMonis

    Roleplay names are here!

    Roleplay names are here! Hi everyone, Roleplay names have now been added to the server! This is a command where you are able to set a roleplay name using /rp <name> where it will display your roleplay name in local chat every time you speak. For example doing /rp Bob would display (Bob): in...
  3. SuperMonis

    VoxelSniper is now live!

    VoxelSniper is now live! VoxelSniper has been added to the server and players who are Donator [$65] and above will be able to use it. The rank that gives you VoxelSniper access may change in the future depending on how things go with performance. These are the VoxelSniper brushes that are...
  4. SuperMonis

    Discord Music Bot

    Discord Music Bot Hi everyone, The Discord Music Bot is finally finished! Discord invite link: How does it work? To request a song go to the #requests channel and type in /play <YoutubeLink> If this is the first time the song has ever been requested then a staff...
  5. SuperMonis

    Commonly Suggested Items - check before posting

    These items are frequently suggested and have not been implemented for one reason or another, as outlined below. Please do not post threads requesting/suggesting any of these items unless you can bring a new and valid argument to the table. Any threads requesting/suggesting items on this list...
  6. SuperMonis

    New Hub and some extra pets/disguises

    New Hub and some extra pets/disguises Hi everyone, As you may have noticed we have added a new build for hub built by @Pie3 We hope that everyone likes it and thought it would be informative to post about this on the website. In addition to this, some new pets and disguises have been added...
  7. SuperMonis

    Progress Report 23/11/2017

    Progress Report 23/11/2017 Hi all, Not much has been going on with the server in terms of new features so I thought that it would be a good time to explain the current situation and what the future plans are. In general the chat report system needs some major reform for an upcoming feature...
  8. SuperMonis

    Website transition

    The current way the website works and is designed has been very limiting when it comes to what features and control we can have on the website. There are some pretty good suggestions and ideas that I've seen but I'm not really able to implement them due to Xenforo. Integrating the server with...
  9. SuperMonis

    Chair fixes

    The chair feature has been improved! The chair feature has had issues for a while due to problems within spigot but this has all been addressed and improved on. You are no longer kicked from the chair You can now sit on Purpur stairs Only one person can sit on the same chair Leaving the chair...
  10. SuperMonis

    Discord changes

    Hi all, We've been putting a lot of effort into the Discord for the past two months to make it a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. Discord link: So here's what we've done so far: Added a custom moderation bot to mute users Added a link filter to stop dangerous...
  11. SuperMonis

    Discord verification

    To join the discord use this invite link: Not receiving a code from the bot? If you do not get a DM from the bot it is because of your privacy settings. Please make sure that you enable the option "Allow direct messages from server members" Follow the steps below to enable...
  12. SuperMonis

    New reporting system

    Hi all, Today I'm proud to present the new reporting system that has taken quite some time to get working. In this post I'll be explaining how it works for both normal players and staff members. Note: Currently reporting local chat messages will not work, this will be fixed in the next few...
  13. SuperMonis

    Server is now 1.12

    Server is now 1.12! New donator features We have fully updated to 1.12 and this includes adding parrots to the server. If you're a donator $55 or above you can now spawn a pet parrot and choose what colour you want it to be by right clicking on the pet. If you're a $100 donator you can now...
  14. SuperMonis

    1.12 Update

    For those that are wondering, 1.12 is planned to be released by this Friday. Expect the server to be updated within the first few days.
  15. SuperMonis

    Minechat alternative

    Out of curiosity, what are the main issues that people have encountered with Minechat? Depending on how buggy the application is I was thinking about creating a separate ios/android application similar to minechat to reduce these problems.
  16. SuperMonis

    Shortlinking to Forums in Chat

    Hi all, It has been a while since a new feature has been introduced to the server so it's time to change things up. It's about time we further integrate the server with the website which is why we are introducing a new feature that will allow people to shortlink forum posts, threads and...
  17. SuperMonis

    Promoting Player Builds

    Hi all, We've grown a lot over the past year, now with over 200,000 active plots across 3 creative servers. Out of these there are some pretty amazing builds, so we thought we'd start promoting some of them! Yesterday one of our staff members (@Plara) posted one of their maps on Planet...
  18. SuperMonis

    Creative3 plot purge

    Hi all, Today the scheduled plot timer for inactive plots has started on Creative3, this means that if you don't join Creative3 within a month from this date your plot will be deleted. We recently did this on Creative2 and were able to clear up around 120k of inactive plots helping us clear out...
  19. SuperMonis

    Introducing the advertising channel

    Hi all, Today we've added the new advertising channel to the server. We have taken some steps into making this system very easy to use. Firstly, to enter the advertising channel manually you can use the alias /a or /advertising. If a message is sent in global chat and the message looks like an...
  20. SuperMonis

    New database changes

    We've reset all the current data (friends, homes, coins ect) in order to move over to a much faster and efficient way of storing data. From this point on it is not likely that the database should ever reset. Restarts should no longer cause lag spikes and commands should run quicker. In a few...