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  1. SuperMonis

    Suggestion Allow /p home again

    This was an issue with VoxelSniper and has been fixed.
  2. SuperMonis

    Suggestion Longer Advertisements

    Removing the limit entirely takes up too much space: I'll have a play with it and try to find a better limit to allow longer stuff to be sent but ideally I don't want messages to go over 3 lines.
  3. SuperMonis


    Tuesday 10/09/2019 + Fix issue with WorldEdit causing high cpu usage/crashing the machine
  4. SuperMonis


    Monday 09/09/2019 + Attempt to fix physics in 1.13.2 from crashing the server due to loading chunks endlessly
  5. SuperMonis

    Data Loss

    Hi all, We've had to keep the server shutdown due to an issue with our SSD's failing. Any data on Creative1 and Creative2 from May 5th to September 6th is lost however we were able to restore everything for Creative3. SSD failure is very rare and all of our recent backups have also been...
  6. SuperMonis

    Are we getting a 1.14 update?

    It is more likely that we will skip over 1.14.4 in favor of 1.15. There are too many issues with chunk loading and performance that the server just would not be able to keep up. Beyond that WorldEdit is still not ready for 1.14 and it has been 4 months since the release of that version. This is...
  7. SuperMonis

    Suggestion Testing staff

    Getting resolved reports is part of the training. If you have a high amount of resolved reports with minimal rejected reports we assume you have decent knowledge about what deserves a mute and what doesn't. The amount of false mutes that take place are fairly minimal and I agree that there needs...
  8. SuperMonis


    Sunday 18/08/2019 + Fix some false positives in the chat filter + Fix certain blocked words bypassing the chat filter
  9. SuperMonis


    Friday 17/08/2019 + Add tab prompts to rollback command + Improve performance for role sign loading
  10. SuperMonis


    Thursday 15/08/2019 + Add tab prompts to plot commands + Final improvements to role sign updating mechanics
  11. SuperMonis


    Tuesday 13/08/2019 + Add tab prompts to staff commands + Improve performance with role signs
  12. SuperMonis


    Saturday 10/08/2019 + Fix issues with memory leaking causing server to crash/restart
  13. SuperMonis


    Friday 09/08/2019 + Make tab prompts smarter by displaying all of them and removing them individually once the argument has been filled + Add tab prompts to proxy commands
  14. SuperMonis


    Monday 05/08/2019 + Highlight command suggestions in yellow and gray in chat bar + Make server side tab completions async + List names in alphabetical order for tab completion + Change /role <name> to /role set <name>
  15. SuperMonis


    Saturday 03/08/2019 + Performance improvement to tabbing and tab prompts
  16. SuperMonis


    Friday 02/08/2019 + Performance improvements to role signs
  17. SuperMonis


    Thursday 01/08/2019 + Fix issue with list displaying staff in hub + Performance improvements to scoreboard + Performance improvements to teleports
  18. SuperMonis

    The chat filter

    There has been a lot of talk about the chat filter amongst players recently and I think that it's a good time to address some misconceptions and what the plan is going forward. Any time a conversation is started about the chat filter I think it's best to shut down the conversation and just link...
  19. SuperMonis

    OFFICIAL How to install OptiFine and Shaders

    Installing OptiFine The first part of this guide will be explaining how to install OptiFine and the second part of this guide will be explaining how to install shaders. OptiFine is a mod that improves the speed of Minecraft and is very beneficial regardless of how good or bad your computer is...
  20. SuperMonis


    Thursday 18/07/2019 + Performance improvements + Raise WorldEdit limit to 100k + Add VoxelSniper 1.13