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    Saturday 17/02/2018 + Security improvements + Discord link cooldown no longer applies to the #requests channel
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    Friday 16/02/2018 + Add queue system to the music bot on Discord. + Temporary changes to /warn
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    Discord Music Bot

    Discord Music Bot Hi everyone, The Discord Music Bot is finally finished! Discord invite link: How does it work? To request a song go to the #requests channel and type in /play <YoutubeLink> If this is the first time the song has ever been requested then a staff...
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    Thursday 15/02/2018 + Stop donators from riding on pets to bypass a plot deny. + Pets will save and reappear when you join the server. + Start progress on new chat filter
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    Give us feedback (11th February 2018)

    The chat filter having too many false positives seems like the main complaint a lot of people have. I've never really put that much effort into getting it sorted but I see that this is an issue that definitely needs to be addressed. Over the next few weeks I will be monitoring the messages that...
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    Commonly Suggested Items - check before posting

    These items are frequently suggested and have not been implemented for one reason or another, as outlined below. Please do not post threads requesting/suggesting any of these items unless you can bring a new and valid argument to the table. Any threads requesting/suggesting items on this list...
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    anyone else absolutely loathe the chat filter

    Sorry, this is related to a recent change that was made with the filter to prevent people from sending links in chat but for some reason it looks like putting any word after a "." triggers it. I'll have this sorted soon.
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    Monday 12/02/2018 + Every mute will now have evidence attached of the message that the user said which got them muted and this will be displayed to them when they are muted. + Staff are now able to view the message history of a player when they are about to mute a player. + Block links from...
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    CF4 beta Access for people who already donated. (10$-100$)

    You're paying more to test the feature, it will eventually be released on all servers once it is ready regardless of if you paid.
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    Suggestion- Freedom of the /head

    Mute bypassing wasn't the only reason for making this change, players were bypassing the chat filter by naming the heads to swear words or server ip's and then sharing them. It's not a big problem though because you can use /heads which has thousands of heads to choose from. You can even do...
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    Saturday 03/02/2018 + When a player is muted from a report, the reported message is displayed under the mute reason. + Reform the /punish command for upcoming changes.
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    Suggestion Discord-MusicBot?

    Some progress has been made on this but it's currently on hold, I was thinking of making it so that staff members with a particular role would have to review the youtube song and if it is appropriate they will be able to run a command that will approve the song. If a song has been approved then...
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    New Hub and some extra pets/disguises

    New Hub and some extra pets/disguises Hi everyone, As you may have noticed we have added a new build for hub built by @Pie3 We hope that everyone likes it and thought it would be informative to post about this on the website. In addition to this, some new pets and disguises have been added...
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    Who's plot you're added on command?

    Added permission for players to be able to use /p list shared This will show a list of the plot owner names for plots that you are trusted/added on. If you click on the "plotworld" text it will bring up the plot information.
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    Thanks for all the birthday wishes! :D

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes! :D