• I keep getting kicked out of CF, it says that an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host?? do you know what that means? if so, could you help? or tell me how to fix it?
    This generally means that the remote side closed the connection (usually by sending a TCP/IP RST packet). If you're working with a third-party application, the likely causes are:

    You are sending malformed data to the application
    The network link between the client and server is going down for some reason
    You have triggered a bug in the third-party application that caused it to crash.
    Hey can you change my forum name to 'realTheren' and my forum birth-year to 2000? I have no clue why it says '1994'.
    Hey Monis! Could you please help me wiith the VPN/Proxy Error? I tried restarting my PC, Router, Game, And even Re-installed my Minecraft. I Can't Log In No Matter What! My IGN : TheArtisticJovan. Thank you for helping!
    1.Go to “Network and Sharing Center”.
    2.Click “Change adapter settings” in the left pane.
    3.Then you can see the adapters and the VPN connection, just right-click on the VPN connection and select Delete.

    You must remove the VPN in order to play.
    Monis ive updated my name a few days ago from OwlDoodles back to cloudyhead, could you update it please? and if it has anything to do with the VPN / Proxy error can you please help
    Hey, could you please change my name to Bxnks, because the website wont update it, thanks <3
    Heya monis, yesterday i had the reoccuring problem of the VPN / Proxy error, ive tried restarting the router even though i dont have a vpn or a proxy. it worked until i logged off of creativefun. ive re-installed my folder a couple times and it didnt work Can you please resolve this or maybe unflag my ip? my IGN: CloudyHead

    ^_^ thanks and have a nice day
    Good day monis. i have a quick problem with logging into the server. i tried to log in and enjoy some quality time to myself on {not sponsored} and i got greeted with the following message "Your IP has been flagged as a VPN / Proxy" now it cant possibly be proxy cause why would i want someone to think i live somewhere else.....anyway off topic. could u resolve this? thanks :D IGN: IcyNarwhal
    Hey, so today I tried to join the server and I got kicked for using a VPN / proxy, I also notice recently this has been happening to a majority of players, and I don't have any programs to change my vpn's or proxy's so I was wondering if you could please resolve this, Thanks x
    Would like to get my Forums username updated to A_ShoKK, Thank you in advance.
    Dear Monis, Because the forms has updated I cant find the new update username button, could you please update it for me?
    my user on cf is iikittysaur_
    Hey I just posted a ban appeal into the ban appeal section and I would really appreciate if someone could help me asap

    Thanks, Jack
    I suggest not to advertise your appeal, it only reduces the chance of you being unbanned.
    yeah I saw the rules about posting a little late. I apologize for the comments
    I was told to get my MC Username on here updated, I should post it on Monis's wall so, that's what i'm doing

    Can I get my username updated, Monis?
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