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  • happy happy birthday! :)
    Happy birthday!
    Happy birthday squad
    Happy birthday! :)
    omg happy birthday!
    Hey would you do me a favor since I changed my IGN to LiterallyItzLil so can you change my name to that?
    I've played this server for a couple days and my HUGE problem is how we cannot say gay or ***** or anything like that. This is extremely discriminatory against LGBT people. The people on this server are extremely LGBT positive so please tell me why we cannot say these things. The only explaination is that you're homophobic which in that case can and will get you a crap ton of hate and people leaving your server.
    This is so people can't make fun of others saying "gays suck" or "you're gay!" We have a child friendly community, so we wouldn't want people going around making fun of LGBT+.
    I apologize for my friends. They haven't taken their medicine yet. Anyway, I am new to this website and I have enjoyed it so far. :)
    If You can change my forums name to: AMonsterOfShame. That Would Be Wonderful, Thank you.
    YoUr StAtUs Is LiKe FiVe MoNtHs OlD
    Mind changing my Forum name to EpicGingerCat? I made this profile a while back and having it say creeperman466 bugs me.
    If you could possible change my forum name to: EwLlamasOnline. That would be wonderful, thanks.
    Can you change my forum name to _FlxwerfulKiwi_ ? Thanks.
    Can you change my forums user to puffeon it won't work for me
    Icathia can you change my fourm name to "CosmicPlaysYT"
    Could you please unmute me?
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