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    Onomatopoeia Thread!

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    I literally just finished eating a BurgerKing burger. o_o
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    A couple of WIPS

    Ooo nice! I love the colors. Composition of the 2nd drawing is amazing. :)
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    Just a ton of weird and bad stuff happening to my family all at once. :/ The gist of it is that...

    Just a ton of weird and bad stuff happening to my family all at once. :/ The gist of it is that my older brother (an adult) went missing. My parents left to look for him in the town he was last in, but luckily someone called them and said he'd been found this morning and was safe.
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    April Writing Contest

    Contest is closed! I'll start going through the entries today and reveal the winners sometime soon.
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    Life is getting so CRAAZY

    Life is getting so CRAAZY
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    I don't think one is better than the other. They're very different sounding, it really just comes down to preference. Especially with cats and dogs. c:
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    April Writing Contest

    That's fine. How much do you think you need? Edit: The contest will end on the 20th!
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    April Writing Contest

    Since there are only five days left and I hadn't mentioned it before, I'm going to say no. Sorry! You can edit or change your first entry to another story you like more, however. To anyone else still interested in entering: Six entries and five days left until the contest is closed!
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    my pet

    Harvey and Sqeaker are so pretty! I love their fur. xD I also have two cats. One is named Tigger (I didn't choose his name) and is a yellow/orange tabby. The other is even older than me, a gray and white spotted cat named Feather (I didn't choose her name either ;p). I used to have two more, a...
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    Just count, nobody can stop us.

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    Oops. Haven't played in months.
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    Favourite childhood shows

    I used to watch a ton of barbie movies, spongebob squarepants, and Avatar: The Last Airbender- but if my childhood was a movie it would be any one of the Studio Ghibli movies (Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky). Which, by the way, you should definitely go...
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    Say Your Favorite Anime + The Character.

    Probably... 2003 FMA and Ed Elric Edit: I just finished watching Death Parade and I was awesome and heartbreaking.. I can't decide. ;-;