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    Roles for HS RP

    Set them as the role lock keys to student housing, that might work. Also, I must commend you for not making us teachers homeless for once.
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    What are the worst roleplays on CF?

    Any high school rp that doesn't provide appropriate teacher housing. Yes I'm throwing shade and no I'm not sorry.
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    Dear High School RPs, from an rp teacher,

    I have a wonderful update. At a high school rp sometime this weekend-I forgot the day-a student has given me 3rd degree burns!
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    Dear High School RPs, from an rp teacher,

    Prrreeeaacchhh. This is so true.
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    Dear High School RPs, from an rp teacher,

    Greetings! Hello, you may know me as Mr. Kalar or Mr. Terrance at your high school rps. There are some issues about many high school rps on this server. 1. To You Students, I don't care if you talk in class quietly. I don't care if you eat in class, just don't make a mess. But what I do care if...
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    Pokemon Scenic Treia: The Last Chapter Teaser

    The almost three month hiatus of Pokemon Scenic Treia is coming to an end! The rp is returning, we have posted three teasers which are compiled into this video. The map has changed a lot since its debut in early January. Stay Tuned for An Upcoming Trailer!
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    Bobble68's Guide to not being OP

    Say it louder for the people in the back! Lab rps should be catering to the scientists, not the subjects 100% of the time! Same for any school rps because teachers are just mistreated in them.
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    List of good roleplays thread.

    Thanks, I appreciate it even if you're biased xD. I own the Pokemon rp here
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    Who are the best roleplayers on the server?

    Same. I'm not sure 'bout you but I always have to be a strict teacher otherwise it's a nightmare ;-;
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    My Thoughts on Full-Map RPs.

    It depends on the type of rp. I run Pokemon rps and we need the whole plot to put in towns and routes and etc., of course, we have a map in the lobby for players to use but some rps should refrain from them like high schools
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    RP Tips/Help

    Your staff- and you shouldn't be rude to everyone and anyone for no reason. You can have a good rp but if you have some low-quality staff, the rp will become low-quality.
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    Pokemon Treia RP - Debuting January 3rd, 2020 (This Friday) at /home Pokemon

    Welcome to the wonderful region of Treia! (artwork done by me, DMKBoyz, the owner. I can't thank my staff enough for assisting with the building. 1) BUILDING IMPROVEMENTS One of our main goals in this rp was to improve the building, and this is one of the cities. 2) HISTORY AND LORE In...
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    Lets make a story