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    Say a fact about someone above you!

    the person above me has a pretty cool pfp picture ; )
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    Give the person above you a new name!

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    It's an ICE LOLLY

    One definition of a lolly is: "a lollipop or Popsicle." Now the British mainly use the word "lolly" so you might not really hear it In America. So an Ice lolly would be a ice lollipop/popsicle. I rest my case
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    I'm confused..

    It's better then having more people say the server name using the word "pickle" Pickle is censored because it is used to say a name of a server normally. Thought the server doesn't have "pickle" in it, people use it in part of the name. Also, saying anything about servers is a muteable offence.
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    Flick from Animal Crossing~

    Your drawing style looks so cool, but how do you do the hands, they look so hard to do. And I think they mean that they don't really like chamelons and not the drawing itself, though I might be wrong.
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    Should I make a PAW Patrol rp?

    Furry rp?
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    To CF Staff

    This look so cool omg.
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    How to easily become the most overpowered character in a Lab Rp.

    Head scientist is to much power for me, so I like to just stick with scientist. It's actually pretty funny ngl
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    Who are the best roleplayers on the server?

    Yep, some roleplays I do when I see unexperience roleplayers or trollers.
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    Duck Duck Goose

    duck quack
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    Who are the best roleplayers on the server?

    tbh, I think I am because I play teachers in hs rps 8D
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    States vs Everywhere Else ☆

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    Animal Crossing :D

    I have the money, but 1) parents wont let me 2) IT"S OUT OF STOCK STILL