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    Ultra Minecraft Graphics

    usually ultra realistic packs cause huge amounts of lag.
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    Say a fact about someone above you!

    The person above me is part of team rainbow arm.
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    I'd most probably say that again, there is no possible way to know. I could be argued that piano's are both more accessible, and easier to play, whereas violins are not only portable, but they have an air of class and intelligence. Tbh I'm better at arguing actual motions, rather than vague...
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    Did somebody say debate? To be quite honest I would say that there really is not definite way of saying if cats or dogs are better. It has been scientifically proven that dogs have stronger affections towards their owner, but cats are more independent and have partial self awareness...
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    Listen to the song above you.

    Nice! Listen to Lets Kill Tonight by P!ATD
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    Rules can help or ruin a server

    Phew! Thanks for that clarification!
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    So we did something weird

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    Some new requests finished!

    yay!!!! I love this so much
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    Listen to the song above you.

    I can't it out of my head. Listen to Nightmare by Set It Off
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    April Writing Contest

    I know.
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    April Writing Contest

    Yeah the man in the car is a HellHound. He drags them both to hell after they made a deal with a Demon. The van belongs to their Granddad, who was the one who introduced them to Demonology, hence all the creepy stuff.
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    April Writing Contest

    boi have you read mine
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    April Writing Contest

    I've finished my story, but it is rather dark. Is that okay? eh here it is anyway: Tick Tock Tick Tock. Tick Tock. He’s coming and he can’t be stopped. There isn’t any escape, so I wouldn’t bother if I were you. Closer this time. Tick Tock. If we don’t make it out alive, I’m sorry I dragged...
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    Change 1 letter every time