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Welcome to CreativeFun,

A server dedicated to ensuring that people of all ages and background are able
to safely engage themselves in the countless activities available on our server.

This thread will be explaining the vast amount of features we provide that sets us apart from many other servers.
It can get quite overwhelming when joining the server for the first time.

Even for people that have been playing for years, it is likely that you may not be aware of some of the features that we provide.
Use this thread as a handbook to learn or help others learn a feature they may not be aware of or are struggling with.

Discord server
If you need help with anything on the server feel free to ask our staff members or players about it on our discord server: You can also propose suggestions for the server, showcase your builds and post art that you have created!

Reporting a player
Read about how to report a player's chat message here:

How do I claim a plot?
There are 3 creative servers you can join; Creative1, Creative2 and Creative3. Leave the hub and choose a creative server. Now you'll be able to use /plot auto to claim a plot. You can claim 1 plot on each creative server.

How do I return to my plot?
Make sure your on the creative server your plot is in and use /plot home

How do I add or trust people to my plot?

You can add a player with /plot add [name], an added player can only build when the plot owner is online.
You can trust a player with /plot trust [name], a trusted player can build while the plot owner is offline and can also use WorldEdit.

How do I remove or deny people from my plot?
You can remove a player with /plot remove [name], this will unadd or untrust the player from the plot and they will not be able to build.
You can deny a player with /plot deny [name], this will prevent the player from being able to enter your plot.
You can undeny a player with /plot remove [name]

How can I set the time or weather on my plot?

Use /plot flag set time <value> to set the time on your plot
Use /plot flag set weather [weather] to set the weather on your plot
You can remove this at any time with /plot flag remove time and /plot flag remove weather

How can I set the music on my plot?

You can use /plot music to bring up a GUI with each music disc in the game, select the music disc you want on your plot.

How can I allow non added players to place or break vehicles?
To allow non added players to break vehicles use /plot flag set vehicle-break
To allow non added players to place vehicles use /plot flag set vehicle-place.
You can remove this at any time with /plot flag remove vehicle-break and /plot flag remove vehicle-place

How can I promote a player to plot staff?
Read about how plot staff works here:

How can I lock a chest or a door?

How often are plots cleared/purged?
If you have not joined a creative server in 6 months your plot will be cleared. This is done for storage reasons, to avoid losing your plots please make a habit of joining Creative1, Creative2 and Creative3 every 3 months!

Grief and Rollback
Read about how grief and rollback works here:

How can I buy a rank?
You can purchase a rank at To view the perks that each rank comes with go to the green button titled as "Purchase Ranks" and input your username. You will then be shown the ranks available for purchase, click on the picture or button to view information of what the rank perks are.

Chat channels
There are 3 chat channels that are accessible to players. The chat channels you can speak in are as follows;
  • Global chat
    To speak in global chat use /g or /global. The global channel is the main chat which can be viewed by all players regardless of what server you sent the message on. Messages sent in this channel will have the prefix [G]

  • Advertising chat
    To speak in advertising chat use /a or /advertising. The advertising channel is where players advertise their roleplays and plots. Messages sent in this channel will have the prefix [A]

  • Local chat
    To speak in local chat use /l or /local. The local channel is essentially plot chat which allows you to only talk with players who are on the same plot as you. Messages sent in this channel will have the prefix [L]

Chat settings
To view your chat settings use /chat

This will bring up a GUI with the different chat channels that you can disable. By default, everything will be enabled which is why the wool block is green.
To disable a chat click on the green wool block. By hovering over the wool block, it will display the chat channel that you are able to change.
The chat channels you are able to disable are as follows;

  • Global chat
  • Advertising chat
  • Minigame advertising
  • Local chat
  • Private messages
  • Tagging
Player settings
To view your player settings use /settings

This will bring up a GUI with multiple options that you have control over. By default, everything will be enabled which is why the wool block is green.
To disable a setting click on the green wool block. By hovering over the wool block, it will display the setting that you are able to change.
The settings you are able to change are:

  • Friend requests
    You can prevent people from sending you a friend request

  • Friend notifications
    You can disable the notification that appears on your screen when a friend joins the server

  • Friend teleports
    You can prevent your friends from teleporting to you with the /friend tp command

  • Home access
    You can prevent people from teleporting to your /home <name>

  • Server Announcements
    You can disable the useful messages that appear in chat every minute

  • Item drop
    You can prevent yourself from dropping items

  • Item pickup
    You can prevent yourself from picking up items

  • Mail
    You can prevent people from sending you mail on the server

  • AFK messages
    You can disable seeing the "<username> is now afk" message in chat

  • Scoreboard
    You can disable the scoreboard from appearing on the right hand side of your screen

  • Role requests
    You can prevent players from sending you role requests
How do I check my mutes?
You can use /mutes which will bring up the message you got muted for, the context of your message and the reason for the mute.

How do I make a mute appeal?
Go to and follow the format.

How many times can I be muted?
  • 1st mute = 5 mins
  • 2nd mute = 10 mins
  • 3rd mute = 15 mins
  • 4th mute = 30 mins
  • 5th mute = 1 hour
  • 6th mute = 1 day
  • 7th mute = 1 week
  • 8th mute = permanent
When are mutes cleared?
If you do not receive a mute for 30 days your previous mutes will be reset.

How do I use the friends system?
To add a friend use /friend add <username>
To remove a friend use /friend remove <username>
To view outstanding friend requests use /friend requests
To view your friends use /friend list

This will bring up a GUI that will display the head of each player you have added.
You can hover over the head to view the current username of your friend and when they were last on the server.
If you hover over the head while the player is online it will say that they are online and you'll be able to click on the head to teleport to your friend.

How do I get a colored username?
By default all players have access to /blue, /pink and /normal. To get access to every color you will need to purchase a rank from

How to apply for staff?
Thank you for your interest in becoming a staff member! We are always looking for new candidates, you may apply here: Make sure to read the requirements and the format before you create your application.

Roleplay names
Read about how to make a roleplay name:

Roleplay system and role signs
Read about how the roleplay system and role signs works here:

Plot Staff
Read about how plot staff works here:

Plot Announcements
Read about how plot announcements work here:

How do I set a home?
To set a home location use /sethome <name>
To remove a home use /delhome <name>
To view your homes use /homes
Homes work differently on here compared to other servers, you can customise the name of your home and players will be able to teleport to your home by using /home <name>. This is useful for advertising a roleplay that you've made because all you need to do is use the advertising chat channel and tell players to use your home to join your roleplay.

Build Contest
Information about an ongoing contest can be found on the "Build Contests" section on forums here: Build Contests. The initial post about the ongoing build contest will explain how to make a submission. Three judges are chosen from the community and will rate all of the build submissions at the end of the month. First place receives a $35 rank/upgrade, second place receives a $25 rank/upgrade and third place receives a $10 rank/upgrade. You may also gift the rank you won to a friend if you wish.

The scoreboard contains a lot of useful information such as:
  • The chat channel you are currently in
  • The player count
  • The server you're currently on
  • The amount of cf coins you have
  • Your report ratio
  • Amount of times you've been muted
  • The amount of times you've been warned
  • The amount of worldedit time you have remaining before you need to vote again

How do I get WorldEdit?
To get WorldEdit you need to vote on the server. Use /vote and click on the link in chat.

The link in chat will take you to the vote portal which will look like this:

Click on the blue buttons on the right and they will open up a website where you will need to enter your minecraft username for your vote to be sent. Each link will give you 3 hours of WorldEdit and 2 CF coins. If you vote on all 8 vote links you will get WorldEdit access for 24 hours and you will have accumulated 16 CF coins.

Buying more plots
To open up the in-game shop use /shop
  • When using the command it should bring up a GUI, hovering over the grass block will show that you're about to purchase a new plot.

  • You'll need 480 CF Coins to purchase a new plot, you can CF Coins by voting on each link everyday.

How do I use WorldEdit?
Read the WorldEdit guide here:

How do I use VoxelSniper?
Read the VoxelSniper guide here:

How can I increase the render distance?
For performance reasons the server has a view distance of 4 however you are allowed to use mods such as farsight and bobby, these mods allow you to use a render distance of 32 on any server. To use these mods you will need to install fabric, this guide will explain how to do that:

How is the top voter chosen and what is the reward?
Read about the top voter reward here:

Plot Minigames
Read about how to setup a plot minigame here:

Tagging players
Read about how tagging players in chat works here:

Shortlinking to forums
Read about how shortlinking works here:

Read about how waypoints work here:

Read about how storylines work here:

How can I clear my previous usernames in /seen?
You can use /clearnamehistory which will clear all previous usernames from showing up in /seen

How can I sit or lay on blocks?
To sit on a block use the /sit command, to lay down on a block use the /lay command

How can I make custom armorstands?
Read about the armorstand editor here:

How can I make custom items?
To customise item names and lore you'll need to be a [$10] Donator.
To rename a block or item all you need to do is hold it in your hand and use /rename [custom name]
To customise the lore of a block or item all you need to do is hold it in your hand and use /setloreline [line number] [custom text here]
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