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Plot Staff Update
Hi everyone,

In this post I will be outlining how to use the new plot staff feature.

What can plot staff do?
  • Deal with role requests even if plot owner is offline
  • Remove role from a player or remove role from everyone on the plot
  • Use /announce on the plot
  • Create lock signs, role lock signs and staff lock signs
  • Claim exclusive staff roles

How to promote a player to plot staff?
To promote a player to plot staff use /plot promote <username>. They must be trusted on the plot to be promoted. A message will be sent on the plot letting everyone know that the player has been promoted. To demote a player from plot staff you can use /plot demote <username> or remove them from the plot.

How to view the plot staff?
To view the plot staff members of a plot you can use...

Forum Changes and New Discord Bot

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Hi all,

Excited to be officially announcing what has been worked on the past week or two.

Forum Changes:
As may of you have already seen, we've changed a few things on the forum.
  • Entire New Theme: A more rounded and pleasant design, moving away from the older 'blocky' feel.
  • Colour Palette: We've took on board your feedback, and introduced *many* various colour designs for you to choose from.
  • Faster Loading: The forum should load much quicker, less time waiting for the logo and background to load.
  • Forum Avatars: When browsing the main area of the forum, you'll now see avatars beside posts.
  • Dark Mode: We've added an experimental dark theme, found in your account preferences area.

New Discord Bot
We've been working hard to create a brand new and redesigned bot for our discord server.

We thought carefully on what would be a better way of dealing with punishments, and so...

Website Downtime [Completed]

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Hi all,

As I'm sure you're all aware by now - I'm the new Technician here at Creative Fun with my primary role ensuring that both the forum and discord run smoothly. I've been helping Monis for around a year, silently fixing any forum bugs that may ruin the experience for everybody. By becoming official, it means I'm able to communicate with you all, regarding suggestions and any new additions to both the forum and discord. I've already met so many of you, and it has been amazing talking to you all!

We are currently planning to move the website to a new machine, which will be a great improvement from our current one. This means that the website will be down for 30 minutes to an hour at maximum, but we don't think it'll take that long. We will talk more on this after the move is done, but we plan on starting this at 11:30 PM GMT. Do not worry, we will get this back up and running as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation and we have many new and exciting things...

Build Contest - Deadline February 1st

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Hi all,

It's time to host a server wide build contest! This contest is open to all players including staff.
The top 3 finalists of the contest will be awarded with a rank or rank upgrade depending on what their current rank is. If you're a $100 donator rank and you win, you'll be given the option to choose who you want to give the rank to. First place will receive $35, second place will receive $25 and third place will receive $10. The contest ends on February 1st and a home page post will mention the winners and showcase their builds.

How to participate?
When you have finished your build you need to make a post on this thread with your username, the server it was built on and the plot ID. You can find your plot id by using /plot info
  • Username: SuperMonis
  • Server: Creative2
  • Plot ID: -22;-115
  • Build:

New Hub Build

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New Hub Build

Hi all,

With the Christmas holiday coming up we've decided to use a new build for the hub spawn built by the courteous @Libbyliz and help from @Shanah. They both did an amazing job and deserve all the praise they get for this build. We hope that you all enjoy some of the mini easter eggs and games that we've added to this hub such as finding all the panda heads, finding your way through the maze and the parkour! So be sure to explore the different rooms and outside area of the hub. A lot of time was spent on this build project so please feel free to leave some feedback and your thoughts on the build. With that said, stay tuned for the next homepage post which will be about the upcoming "Plot Staff" feature.

See you all soon :)

New Scoreboard

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New scoreboard

Hey everyone,

It's been some time since any server updates have been posted but I'd like to announce that a new scoreboard has been designed for the server since the current one is quite old and doesn't show relevant information. This will be put on the live server on next restart. The scoreboard will now include information such as the total player count, report ratio, number of warnings and the amount of worldedit time you have remaining. The scoreboard should now look something like this:

Small changes to note would be that the server name appears as the scoreboard title, "Channel" has been renamed to "Chat", the colour of the chat you're in will change depending on which one you're in. If you're in global it will show in grey, if you're in local it will show in yellow, if you're in advertising it will show in aqua, if you're in server it will show in gold...

New minecraft chat application

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New minecraft chat application

Hi everyone,

I'd like to announce that we're working on an alternative application to Minechat which should allow you to speak on the server when you're away from a computer. We're interested in what people think the application should be named and the features you're interested in! Feel free to mention your complaints about Minechat so that we can see what issues need to be addressed with our own application :cool:

This app will work on other servers as well and will not only be an exclusive CF application. So the name idea does not have to have anything cf related in it.

Remember, we need a name for the application before we do anything so post your name idea below.

Reporting and Roleplay Name Changes

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Reporting and roleplay name changes

Hi everyone,

We've made it easier to get confirmed reports. There's a lot more staff members online with the recent promotions so I agree that it's a little unfair to expect people to raise their report ratio when a staff member is likely to manually mute the user instead of using the report. Now, if there's an active report and a staff member mutes the player for the same message that was reported, it will count as confirmed. This still means that you would have to report the message before a staff member punishes the user but that should be possible considering it's faster to report a message compared to a staff member who has to go through an extra step where they must input the mute reason. The reports have been reset meaning that all confirmed and dismissed reports have been removed, this is the perfect chance to improve your report ratio starting from now as we'll...

Roleplay names are here!

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Roleplay names are here!

Hi everyone,

Roleplay names have now been added to the server! This is a command where you are able to set a roleplay name using /rp <name> where it will display your roleplay name in local chat every time you speak. For example doing /rp Bob would display (Bob): in gray every time I sent a message in local. This makes roleplaying a lot easier as you don't have to type out your name manually or have to paste your name every time you want to speak. To remove your roleplay name you can use /rpname reset. The names retain cross-server and are automatically removed when you disconnect from the server. We hope that this feature makes roleplaying a better experience for everyone.

The Top Voter for March was stopbeingfake with 106 votes and has been awarded the Donator [$35] rank!

Remember that the top voter will be rewarded each month, so start...

VoxelSniper is now live!

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VoxelSniper is now live!

VoxelSniper has been added to the server and all players will be able to use it.

These are the VoxelSniper brushes that are now available:
  • sniper
  • ball
  • biome
  • blendball
  • blenddisc
  • blendvoxel
  • blendvoxeldisc
  • blob
  • canyon
  • canyonselection
  • checkervoxeldisc
  • cleansnow
  • clonestamp
  • cylinder
  • disc
  • discface
  • dome
  • drain
  • ellipse
  • ellipseoid
  • eraser
  • erode
  • extrude
  • filldown
  • flatocean
  • jaggedline
  • line
  • move
  • ocean
  • overlay
  • pull
  • randomerode
  • ring
  • rot2d
  • rot2dvert
  • rot3d
  • ruler
  • set
  • shellball
  • shellset
  • shellvoxel
  • signoverwrite
  • snipe
  • snowcone
  • spiralstaircase
  • splatterball
  • splatterdisc
  • splatteroverlay
  • splattervoxel
  • splattervoxeldisc
  • spline
  • stamp
  • stencil
  • stencillist
  • threepointcircle
  • treesnipe
  • triangle
  • underlay
  • voltmeter
  • voxel
  • voxeldisc...

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