New tagging feature

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce our new tagging feature which allows you to tag a player by putting an @ symbol before their name in chat. We have also made it possible to be able to tab names after using the @ symbol similar to tabbing a name for when you want to message players to make it even more easier to tag players. This will send a sound notification and the tag will be seen in gold colour by the receiver.

Here's an example of where I have tagged Icathia:
Here's what it looks like on Icathia's client since he is the one who was tagged:
To keep chat clean we have set a few limitations which I personally feel were necessary:
  • Can only tag one player per message
  • Only the sender and receiver will see the @ symbol in chat
  • Must specify an online username when tagging a player
You can also click on a player name in chat to tag them if you don't feel like tabbing or typing their name in the chat box. Clicking on the player name in chat will automatically apply the @username in your chatbox. Here's a picture of what it will look like when you hover over a name:
There is also an option to disable being tagged by a player, we have added this option in /chat and it should look like this:
Disabling this option will stop players from tagging you which means you will see your name without the @ symbol and will not hear a sound effect.

Note: Asking for tags in global is a form of spam encouragement and not what this feature was designed for.

This was a very fun feature to work on and I hope to add more features like this in the future to enhance the server experience for all :)
Creative Fun 1.11.2 Update


Hi all,

The server has been fully updated to 1.11.2 so this is a reminder that you'll need to update your client to connect to the server. This was a fairly small update which fixes heads showing flipped and allows you to use fireworks while using the elytra to create some cool looking particle effects when flying.
Hey guys!

I'm making another avatar giveaway, similar to this one, but someone suggested I should make a christmas themed one so here it is! :D

Although this one will have a few changes.

Since I understand some of you might not have twitter because under-aged, I'm making a giveaway in 3 places this time. Here, another forum and twitter.
Because of demand and because Christmas is a season of generosity, I am not selecting a single winner. And I am selecting two winners this time!


The first winner may choose one of a range of the following avatars:



The second winner, will be able to choose that range as well, but in this case it will be given a headshot.

If you wish to participate, please leave below either your skype, email or other form of contact, this is due to making the same giveaway on many other places and will be hard to keep track if I ask for simply the username, some people might even use the same. If you're not comfortable to give away any of those I am sorry, but I don't see any other way to do this, since I'll need to contact you after it's finished.. Maybe I'll figure it out next time.

Giveaway starts today (11-December-2016) and finishes Monday next week at midnight London time (19-December-2016) the prize will be given the next 2-3 days after that.

Thank you everyone for participating and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and good luck! :D
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