Hi all,

Today we've added the new advertising channel to the server. We have taken some steps into making this system very easy to use. Firstly, to enter the advertising channel manually you can use the alias /a or /advertising. If a message is sent in global chat and the message looks like an advert, the message will be blocked and the server will automatically move you to the appropriate channel (in this case the advertising channel) so that you can advertise your roleplay or build along with informing you that you were moved.

Entering the channel manually with the command will look like this:

Sending a message in global containing an advertisement for a roleplay will look like this:

Messages in the advertising channel can be disabled from being seen by using /chat:

Example usage of how the advertising channel should be used:

I would like to give credit to @Dawnkillerx and @Madi for helping me with this new addition to the server.
We've reset all the current data (friends, homes, coins ect) in order to move over to a much faster and efficient way of storing data. From this point on it is not likely that the database should ever reset. Restarts should no longer cause lag spikes and commands should run quicker. In a few days friend notifications, seen time and the one month mute expiry should all be working correctly. Plan to also add some new commands in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned for that.
Server will be down for a few hours while we move the server to a different location and a better machine.

Edit: Server should be up now, a follow up thread will be posted tomorrow regarding new database stuff.
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