Hi all,

We've grown a lot over the past year, now with over 200,000 active plots across 3 creative servers. Out of these there are some pretty amazing builds, so we thought we'd start promoting some of them!

Yesterday one of our staff members (@Plara) posted one of their maps on Planet Minecraft:


And posted a second one today, with more on the way!

So if you want to share your build with other players on the server, please post it on Planet Minecraft with some screenshots (you can do that here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/resources/projects/) & give a bit of information about what it is. You could also link the server IP and what command to type to visit it, for example /home yourhomename

Once that is done, you can post your planetminecraft project link in this thread.

Here's how you would link your project to the server:

Well that's about it! If we gets lots of great builds shown off from this thread, we can do this every couple of weeks! :D

If you would like to keep up with Plara's submissions you can keep yourself updated by subscribing to him here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/plara/
Hi all,

Today the scheduled plot timer for inactive plots has started on Creative3, this means that if you don't join Creative3 within a month from this date your plot will be deleted. We recently did this on Creative2 and were able to clear up around 120k of inactive plots helping us clear out over 220GB of storage. Although it may seem like a pain it is necessary to start clearing inactive plots due to how difficult it is to store large plots on a server of this scale.

Users who have not joined since the timer will be shown as "Unknown"
Hi all,

Today we've added the new advertising channel to the server. We have taken some steps into making this system very easy to use. Firstly, to enter the advertising channel manually you can use the alias /a or /advertising. If a message is sent in global chat and the message looks like an advert, the message will be blocked and the server will automatically move you to the appropriate channel (in this case the advertising channel) so that you can advertise your roleplay or build along with informing you that you were moved.

Entering the channel manually with the command will look like this:

Sending a message in global containing an advertisement for a roleplay will look like this:

Messages in the advertising channel can be disabled from being seen by using /chat:

Example usage of how the advertising channel should be used:

I would like to give credit to @Dawnkillerx and @Madi for helping me with this new addition to the server.
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