Hi all,

Today I'm proud to present the new reporting system that has taken quite some time to get working. In this post I'll be explaining how it works for both normal players and staff members. Note: Currently reporting local chat messages will not work, this will be fixed in the next few days. If a report is accepted then every player that reported the user will get mail from the server letting them know that their report was accepted. Please note that creating up to 5 false reports will prevent you from using the report feature. The server will also send you mail if your report was marked as false.

In the screenshot below, a player can be seen saying "basicaly sucks" so you can click on the message to report it like this:

This will bring up a menu where you can either confirm the report or cancel it in case you clicked on the message by accident:

And that's all you need to do to report a message now. Everything else that will be mentioned beyond this point is focused towards staff.

Staff changes - Most of these changes will be explained in staff chat

When using a certain command a GUI will open up with heads of all the reported users, hovering over the head will display the username of the reported player along with the message that was reported. If the same message is reported by multiple people then a counter will show and the list will order the reports starting from the highest count.

Clicking on the head of the reported player and message will then bring up a menu where staff can decide to either confirm a report, dismiss a report or mark a report as false.

By clicking on the green wool to confirm the report another menu will appear...
Server is now 1.12!

New donator features
We have fully updated to 1.12 and this includes adding parrots to the server. If you're a donator $55 or above you can now spawn a pet parrot and choose what colour you want it to be by right clicking on the pet. If you're a $100 donator you can now disguise as a parrot. More options with disguises have also been enabled where you can set disguises to glow, an example of this would be using /disguise parrot setglowing or if you want to be a glowing blue bird you would use /disguise parrot setglowing setvariant blue. Parrots can be either gray, blue, cyan, green or red.

Server maintenance
Creative2 is likely to be down for a couple of hours during Thursday, this is so that we can introduce some new plot features including being able to set plots to survival :)
For those that are wondering, 1.12 is planned to be released by this Friday. Expect the server to be updated within the first few days.

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