Update: Hub has been released!


The server is being moved for easy access so that the machine can be upgraded easily and this in turn means a better server experience for everyone. We are adding a 500GB SSD to store all the plots on, 64GB of DDR4 ram, and an E5-1650v3 cpu. We will also be increasing the storage space immensely which means that you won't have to worry about losing your plots. The second server will include 516x516 plots. We will be expanding the server by adding a hub in the next few days with multiple creative servers to allow even more users to connect to the server. The other two creative servers will not be ready upon hub release but we do plan to have them running as soon as possible.
It's been a while since any real news about the server has been made so I would like to keep the community informed about what is going on. We plan to refine both player experience and server performance in the upcoming few months by improving the prevailing plugins we are using and optimizing them further. Hub information will not be given until enough progress is made.

Chat Filter (Bugs)

There have been many complaints about the flawed chat censor, mainly about how there are many false positives and easy ways to bypass it. A new chat filter is already in the works to stop caps, repetitions, spam and even server advertisement with no false positives. It is a very advanced system stopping even the most creative ways of bypassing chat since it uses RegEx for exceptions. We hope that this will create a safe and child friendly environment for the players of Creative Fun. This same filter will also be applied to local chat to prevent people from bypassing the rules.

Local Chat (Done)

Currently the local chat does its job, it allows players to roleplay with other players if they are in a certain radius. This was very limiting as you could sometimes have someone roleplaying on the plot next to you and still see what they are saying. This will no longer be an issue with the new local chat plugin, it will essentially work as a plot chat plugin in which you cannot talk on the roads but only on the plot you standing on. In addition to this players no longer have to be in /local to receive messages in local, you will be able to see the messages of what players send in local if you are on global and on the same plot. Keep in mind that being muted on global also mutes you on local and vice versa.

Banned Items (Done)

Many people were able to bypass certain item bans such as potions and eye of enders with the old plugin, we are now using a custom plugin to handle blacklisted items which is a lot more efficient and has increased server performance. An official thread...
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