01 Sep
Download Builds SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

It is now possible to download your builds as a schematic file! This thread will explain how to use the //download command. This will allow you to keep a local copy of your builds on your own PC! You can only download builds on plots you own and plots you are trusted on. You can only download 500,000 blocks at a time.

Select the build you want to download
Get a WorldEdit axe and select the build you would like to download:

Copy the build with WorldEdit
Use //copy to copy the build to your clipboard:

Download the build:
Use //download, this will generate a link in chat:

Click on the link in chat and it will take you to a website, press the "Click here if your download doesn't start automatically" button:

Clicking on the button will download your build as a schematic file:
28 Aug
Schematics SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

You can now save your builds as schematics and paste them across any of the creative servers. For example you could copy a build on Creative1 and paste the build on Creative2. Schematics are also helpful for when you want to save multiple builds and easily paste them at any time. You can save up to 10 schematics. This thread will explain how to save a schematic, how to load a schematic, how to view all of your schematics and how to delete your schematics.

How to save a schematic
First you'll need to copy the build you want to save as a schematic by using //copy

Now you'll need to save what you have copied by using //schematic save [name]
In this example I will be using //schematic save house on a Creative1 plot

How to load a schematic

Now that you've saved your build as a schematic you can load this schematic on any of the creative servers.
In this example I'm going to load the schematic on Creative2 by using //schematic load house

You can use //paste to paste the schematic

How to view all of your...
24 Aug
Redstone Update SuperMonis

Hello everyone,

Redstone items have been unbanned! You are now allowed to use redstone block, redstone torch, redstone comparator, redstone repeater, observer, target block and sculk sensors. Redstone clocks are still not allowed, the server will detect those and cut off the connection.

Potions have been unbanned too, you can now drink potions.

Block entity limit
The block entity limit on chunks has been increased to 50 so for most players this will allow you to place a lot of armorstands, item frames, heads etc without ever hitting the limit.

Alternate current
Another big change is that the redstone implementation on the server has changed from vanilla to alternate-current. It's basically a better performance version of redstone. Advanced users of redstone may want to read up on the new implementation here:
08 Aug
How to install Sodium SuperMonis

Installing Sodium
To install the sodium mod you will first need to install fabric. Using fabric instead of Optifine comes with many benefits. The main one is that performance on fabric when using performance improving mods will give you better FPS than Optifine. Fabric mods also update much faster than Optifine.

Explanation (You can skip the explanation if you don't care about it)
To summarise, think of Optifine as an all-in-one package while Fabric is barebones. By installing mods on Fabric it is no longer barebones and can become powerful. There are different mods that add different features, installing a mod called Sodium for example will improve your FPS drastically but if that's the only mod you have installed you still won't be able to use shaders. You need a mod called Iris which will allow you to use Shaders. These are both separate mods that add their own specific feature to fabric but by using them together you are able to reap the benefits of both mods. There are other mods that improve FPS such as Lithium and Starlight, by adding all of these mods together you get better performance than Optifine.

Step 1:
Go to and click on the "Download for Windows" button...

Hi everyone,

If you've been keeping an eye on the #changelog channel in the discord server you are most likely aware of the new armorstand editor that has been added along with the ability for donators to customise item names and lore. For those of you who have not been keeping up with the changes on discord, this post will explain what has been added. As of now you are no longer able to bring over custom armorstands made in single player from the toolbar, instead you will need to use the in-game editor. You can also set item frames to become invisible through the armorstand editor. You can still make custom item names or custom lore in singleplayer and then bring them over to the server using the toolbar but we've added our own command to make the customisation process easier.

How to edit an armorstand
Right clicking on the ground with the flint item will bring up the in-game editor

In my example I want to adjust the right leg of an armorstand so I will select that in the menu:

I'm going to right click the armorstand I want to edit while holding the flint item to apply my...

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