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Discord Music Bot

Discord Music Bot

Hi everyone,

The Discord Music Bot is finally finished! Discord invite link:

How does it work?
To request a song go to the #requests channel and type in /play <YoutubeLink>
If this is the first time the song has ever been requested then a staff member will need to approve it before it plays.
If the song you request has been approved in the past then it will play as soon as you use the command.
If the song you request has been rejected because it doesn't follow the rules then it will not play and you will be given a message letting you know that the request was denied.
Staff have access to the #approval channel where they are given two options, they can either accept the song request by clicking on the thumbs up emoji or reject the song request by clicking on the thumbs down emoji.

All Server/Site Rules (no cursing, no inappropriate speech, etc) must be followed. Songs that break server/site rules will be denied.
2. No Rick Rolls (Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up"). Rick rolls will be denied.
3. No "Meme"/Joke videos.
4. No Non-Music Requests. Only music is permitted.
5. If a foreign-language song is requested and staff cannot find translations, it may be denied.
6. Players may request a skip, but it is up to staff discretion and they are not obligated to do so.
7. No songs more than 5 minutes long.

New Hub and some extra pets/disguises

New Hub and some extra pets/disguises

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed we have added a new build for hub built by @Pie3 We hope that everyone likes it and thought it would be informative to post about this on the website. In addition to this, some new pets and disguises have been added to the donator ranks.

Added pets: Husk, Stray, Vex, Rabbit, ZombieVillager, Mule, Guardian, ElderGuardian
Added disguises: Vex, WitherSkeleton, ZombieVillager, Endermite, Silverfish, Husk, Vindicator, Stray

We've chosen to use Holograms instead of signs for the hub since they look better and have fixed the /buy command which should now work on all servers. We've also moved over to a new permission system which should sort out many donation issues. We plan to do some fancy things with the scoreboard soon to make it look more clean and colourful so keep an eye out for that :)

Progress Report 23/11/2017

Progress Report 23/11/2017

Hi all,

Not much has been going on with the server in terms of new features so I thought that it would be a good time to explain the current situation and what the future plans are. In general the chat report system needs some major reform for an upcoming feature that will introduce another element to the server which has not yet been seen -

Beta tester:

This is reserved for an upcoming feature that needs a large amount of testing before being moved to the live server and will revolutionise the way you play on the server. Testing will take place on Creative4 from an undisclosed date where you will be required to buy a Beta Tester Pass in order to join the server. Allowing every player to test the new feature will most likely cause lots of crashes due to the large amount of players which is why we have chosen to make this a paid whitelist service. The likely set price for a Beta Tester Pass will be $10. Once testing is over, Creative4 will be closed and the feature will be implemented on each creative server allowing all players to use it. Each Beta Tester will be given access to a special chat room as well as an exclusive role on the CreativeFun Discord where you can openly communicate issues or just chat with other Beta Testers. You can join the official discord server with this link:

Reporting messages:

The current reporting system has been effective at getting players to report messages in chat much more easily but it's not perfect for particular situations that may involve spam or context. This is why a major reform is being done with the way messages are reported and how staff deal with them. The new reporting system will make it so that when you try to report a message you will be able to view the previous 3 messages that the user typed and the future 3 messages (if the user has typed in chat after the message you are reporting). This is useful for both players and staff as the context may influence whether the player deserves to be muted or not. You will also be able to report spam using the in-game system since reporting messages will show the time of when the message was sent.

Everything explained above involves making the chat report system more effective but there are other concerns that players have had for months. The new chat report system will be much more informative for both the player being muted and the player that created the report. When a player is muted from a report they will be given a message informing them about the staff member who muted them, the reason for the mute, the time remaining until the mute expires and the exact message the user typed which resulted in them receiving the mute. The player who created the report will receive a notification in chat about the status of their report. This means that you will receive a notification in chat whenever your report is confirmed or dismissed and the staff member who dealt with your report will also be displayed.

I've gone over the effective and informative changes of the new reporting system but now I'll mention how changes are being made to prevent staff from abusing their power. You will be able to use /history which will display every single report you have ever made and the status of each report. As mentioned above, a notification is given about your report being confirmed or dismissed but your report may have been dealt with incorrectly. If you believe that a report was dismissed when the user clearly deserved to be muted then you are able to report the staff member who dealt with the report by clicking on the report in the GUI. This will forward the report to higher staff who will give a final verdict about whether the staff member deserves a warning or not and you will receive a notification about the action that was taken. If you are muted from a report and believe that you did not deserve the mute you will be able to screenshot the mute and higher staff will review the mute to see whether you deserved the mute or not. It's important to note that this process may change as I am trying to get away from using screenshots and to use in-game features instead.

Staff applications:

As of right now we are looking for more staff members (particularly ChatMods). The report count has reset in preparation of the new chat report system that is being worked on. This means that everyone now has 0 confirmed and dismissed reports so utilise this to maintain a good confirmed to dismissed report ratio as this is a key factor that staff will be looking at when viewing your application. Someone with 15 confirmed reports and 4 dismissed reports is in a better position than someone who has 16 confirmed reports and 14 dismissed reports.

Now with all that said, Happy thanksgiving! :)

Chair fixes

The chair feature has been improved!

The chair feature has had issues for a while due to problems within spigot but this has all been addressed and improved on.
  • You are no longer kicked from the chair
  • You can now sit on Purpur stairs
  • Only one person can sit on the same chair
  • Leaving the chair will no longer get you stuck inside
Now that only one person can sit on the same chair at a time, it is possible to play musical chairs!

This is a pretty small update but I still felt that it needed its own post since it is long overdue. The next post will most likely be about a new feature that is being worked on which will allow you to view every report you've made with the in-game report system and the status of every report you have made along with the staff member that handled the report.

Discord changes

Hi all,

We've been putting a lot of effort into the Discord for the past two months to make it a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. Discord link: So here's what we've done so far:
  • Added a custom moderation bot to mute users
  • Added a link filter to stop dangerous links from being sent
  • Simplified the verification process for users with DMs disabled
  • Adjusted rules to be orientated around Discord features such as voice chat
Planned features:
  • Custom music bot that will only play music from an approved list
  • Display feedback whenever a command is used in the #creativefun channel
  • Add a 1 minute cooldown to all commands to prevent spam
  • Create a /seen and /list command
  • Report users with a command
I'm sure that as time passes on we will have much more planned features but for now this is it :)

I'll explain the current features in detail below:

Verification process
Many users have their DMs disabled unknowingly as it used to be a default setting for Discord. You are no longer required to have DMs enabled to receive a verification code from the bot. If you have DMs disabled the bot will create a text channel called #click-here that is only visible to the user who joined and will contain the verification code. The channel will be removed once the code has been used. This should make verifying easier for new users that have DMs disabled since explaining how to enable DMs was confusing to some people.

Moderation bot
The bot is named "CreativeFun" and its presence is set to "Streaming on" If you are seen to be breaking any of the discord rules in chat a staff member will mute you. The first mute is 15 minutes, second mute is 1 hour, third mute is 6 hours, fourth mute is 12 hours, fifth mute is 24 hours, sixth mute is 3 days and the seventh mute is permanant. The mute will be announced on the text channel and your previous messages within the hour will be deleted automatically. When you're muted you will be able to view a text channel where the bot will post the user that muted you, the reason you were muted, how long you are muted for and how much remaining time there is until your mute is cleared. You will be able to run the /timeleft command on that text channel to find out how much time you have until your mute is over. Here's an example of what a mute announcement looks like:

Link filter
The CreativeFun bot filters links to prevent any inappropriate or scam links being sent. The only links that will work on the discord are links that involve Here's an example:

Discord rules
1. Keep the CreativeFun discord server child friendly. Don't swear or use inappropriate speech.
2. Don't spam. This includes repetitive sending of messages, emojis, images, or embeds.
3. Don't self-promote or DM unsolicited invite links to Server Members. You are not allowed to DM users with invite links to other discord servers or advertise other websites.
4. Don't bully other players. Please remember to treat all members with respect and that intentional harassment/degradation of another player will not be tolerated.
5. No Racism. Racial slurs, prejudice towards other races, discrimination/harassment of other players based on race, or photos of racist activity/organisations will result in punishment.
6. Don't encourage advertising. This includes asking for ips/sites of other servers.
7. No inappropriate discord profiles. This includes usernames, avatars, linked accounts and playing status.
8. Don't use a voice changer when you're in a voice channel.
9. Don't be obnoxious when you're in a voice channel. Screaming, playing music through a mic or making loud noises on purpose will result in a mute.

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