22 Jan
Toggle Announcements SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

Recently we have been pushing out frequent updates every few days that players have suggested to us and I am pleased to announce that you can now toggle the server announcement messages with /settings. The option is called "Server Announcements".

Here is an example of what a server announcement looks like:

You can now disable seeing these server announcements in chat with /settings:

Chat Filter
We have seen a large reduction of false positives with the new changes that were made to the chat filter last week and have fixed several false positives that we have logged over the week so you should notice an improvement. As always, we will continue to monitor the normal words that are getting blocked when they shouldn't and hope to have these fixed every week.
18 Jan
Lighting Updates SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

Lighting glitches have become a bigger problem ever since we updated from 1.13 however some significant performance improvements have been made with the lighting engine on the server which is why I am now confident that there should be no problems with giving all players access to fix lighting glitches on a plot. This thread will list the limitations of the fixlighting command and also explain changes to how WorldEdit will deal with lighting.

How to fix lighting glitches
The new command to fix lighting glitches is /fixlight <radius>
The maximum radius you are allowed to specify is 25
You can only run this command once every 30 seconds
You can only fix lighting glitches if you are the owner of the plot

WorldEdit and lighting

Previously we were setting every chunk section that WorldEdit modified to have its skylight level set to 15, this would make things bright even though they are not supposed to be.
Here's an example:

WorldEdit will now correctly light every chunk section it modifies.
Here's an example:

Plot clear light glitches
At the moment plot clearing does not use the new lighting engine that we are using in...
15 Jan
Chat Filter Update SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

The chat filter has been a big problem for a good few years now but I think it's time to finally address this problem once and for all.

Changes to the chat filter
We have made some big changes with the chat filter which reduce a large amount of false positives that players were running into. The problem with taking this approach is that it is now easier to bypass the chat filter however for situations where a player is found to be bypassing the chat filter we encourage users to report those messages so that staff may deal with them. There are still normal words that may be getting filtered because they contain a bad word however this would only affect a small percentage of words and can be fixed once they are all logged.

Water flow
Water flow was previously disabled due to performance issues related to 1.13 and physics however we have made some significant performance improvements over the past few months with 1.16.4 so we have enabled water flow again.

Boats and Minecarts
On the next server restart you will be able to place a maximum of 6 vehicles in a plot, so you could have 3 boats and 3 minecarts per plot or just 6 minecarts for example if you don't care about boats.

Rule changes
Over the upcoming...
02 Nov
RGB Hex Colors SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

In 1.16 Minecraft introduced support for rgb hex colors to be used in chat, while many servers still don't support this we are excited to announce that all donators will now have access to use hex colors for their usernames!

Format for specifying a hex color code
The format for using a hex color code is: &#<code>. An example of this would be: &#0099ff. A good website for choosing your hex color code is:

Using a hex color code with /name
Example: /name &#0099ab&lSuperMonis

Using multiple hex color codes with /name
(You must be a [$100] donator to use multiple hex color codes)
Example: /name &#0099abSuper&#54cf43Monis bold

Plot announcements still need to be fixed so that they support hex codes
23 Oct
Waypoints SuperMonis

Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce that our new waypoint feature is now ready! This feature will allow plot owners to create locations that players can easily teleport to. You can create up to 20 waypoints per plot! This should make navigation on plots a lot easier, especially for roleplays or minigames. The waypoint feature allows both the plot owner and the plot staff to control which waypoints players should be able to access. This is not a replacement for homes, waypoints will allow players to set up custom names for multiple locations they want players to be able to teleport to easily when they are on a specific plot.

Creating a waypoint
To create a waypoint use: /setwaypoint <name>
<name> is where you name your waypoint.
Here's an example of me creating a waypoint named School: /setwaypoint School

Viewing a waypoint

You can use /waypoint and then space which will give you a tab completed list of current waypoints on the plot you are standing on.

Creating a waypoint sign
To create a waypoint sign write [Waypoint] on the first line and on the second line of the sign you must include the name of your waypoint.
Here's an example of a...

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