Jun 18, 2015
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Jan 9, 1999 (Age: 18)


Server Owner, 18


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    1. SquatingGopnik
      Can I please get unbanned they guy who called for a admin saying I was greifing was lying tp get me banned because he was mad at me
      1. Selfehh
        please make a ban appeal with the format, (if not it would be denied). Good luck.
        Jul 11, 2017
    2. MissMorugana
      Can you change my birthday to October 17th, 2004? Thanks
    3. MomoCri
      Hihi, I need to do a user change from WeirdoMomo → MomoCri

      Thank you!
    4. ShinyxAcey
      Hi Monis. Today with a chest full of items my CF2 inventory was crashed. I would appreciate it if you could clear it as I cannot login to CF2 as if is. My IGN is currently AceyDino
    5. Cherrei
      Hi! Is there any applications open due to becoming a chat-moderator?
      1. Selfehh
        yes! the chatmod applications are open. follow the format and await your responce! good luck.
        Jul 8, 2017
        Nievia likes this.
    6. LiterallyItzLil
      I used to be _Lil10Wolf_ But I changed my name to LiterallyItzLil so would you please change it for me?
    7. Keeweevee
      (hope le owner sees this) please ban satanism willov1 os abuseing that oh and make it so staff cant see msg's taht can be considered stalking
      1. NikkiZaurusu
        Since our server allows users to build Christian churches etc, we can't really ban satanism as it is a religion and can't just ban the one religion.
        Jul 6, 2017
    8. annamaria
      so I got muted by K6Y 2 times for no reason. The 1st time is that I was swearing and I m being honest I wasn't swearing even my friend said I wasn't. The 2nd time that happened today was that a girl "mr_ri_guy" said "Emo ppl are trash" and I take that offensive because I am emo and I was defending myself and other ppl to. Then K6Y muted me apparently for "ignoring staff warnings" when I was trying to defend myself.
      1. SkyeSartorius
        A} I know k6y wouldn't mute for no reason, nor would any staff, B} go talk to K6Y on his forums page not this one because you most likely wont get a reply from monis. @K6Y
        Jul 2, 2017
      2. K6Y
        Posting on Monis's page to attempt to get me trouble is a bit shallow. I don't know your username so I can't give you the screenshots regarding your first mute. However, you did indeed ignore staff warnings for the second mute, because I told everyone to drop the topic and you continued to talk about it; therefore, ignoring staff warnings.
        Jul 3, 2017
      3. K6Y
        Here's the screenshot concerning their last mute, ignoring staff warnings:
        Their first mute from me was from a report. I do not have a screenshot, as it was an in-game report.
        Here's also a screenshot of them apparently threatening me, or what was an attempt to threaten me through /mail: (Accounts are both on the same IP address)
        Jul 4, 2017
        sunflxwers and Selfehh like this.
    9. SketchHcteks
      Firstly, I got my birthday wrong by 3 years, secondly, when is the forth server going to be released
      1. K6Y
        There's no reason to release CF4, as the server doesn't have capacity issues.
        Jul 2, 2017
    10. Travel_Insurance
      excuse me monis, but i changed my MC username to "Schrxdinger", and i was wondering if maybe you could change my forums username to "Schrxdiner" as well. Thank you in advance!
    11. Gthio
      I've played this server for a couple days and my HUGE problem is how we cannot say gay or ***** or anything like that. This is extremely discriminatory against LGBT people. The people on this server are extremely LGBT positive so please tell me why we cannot say these things. The only explaination is that you're homophobic which in that case can and will get you a crap ton of hate and people leaving your server.
      1. Selfehh
        no, he blocked the words because people used to make insults with the mentioned words.
        also we have dating centres and they are usually lgbt+ friendly, no, we are not homophobic
        Jul 2, 2017
        MomoCri likes this.
    12. Builderboy2014
      Hey Monis, some of the plots got messed up during the server data reset. My friend got her builds moved back and to the right. Is there a way to fix this?
    13. MomoCri
      Hi, I accidentally put my birthday as the 25 of July, I meant to put it as July 6, can you fix it please?
    14. Zeliuus
      One of your Moderators perma banned me for building N a Z i symbols which i didn't know was against the rules so a mod came and told me yo that is not allowed and im like oh okay sorry man so i stopped then the next day i try to log in and anysichia has banned me for ever not even a 7 day ban which the rules say you guys do a 7 temp ban instead of forever??
      1. youareterrifying
        Jun 26, 2017
        Selfehh likes this.
    15. _cool_gamer__
      and _cool_gamer__ is my user please unban me im so sorry
    16. _cool_gamer__
      plz listin i just got perm banned please unban me i did not know i could not post server ip please i beg you i just want to see my girlfriend
      i beg you with all my heart im sorry so so sorry please unban me im literily crying
      1. youareterrifying
        Jun 26, 2017
    17. uhlecksa
      answer your notifications, mail, whatever
    18. Toasted184
      Hi. I just realized my b-day is a day before yours... Well, hi anyways. :)
      1. uhlecksa
        thats cool

        also happy really belated birthday c:
        Jun 19, 2017
    19. uhlecksa
      update your status sir
    20. PharaohPainted_
      Monis, last night I was aware that the saves were playing up. So, at this time, chunks of my builds are missing at /home pr (the builds are across the river, I spent 7 days on them so please fix them :( )
      1. PharaohPainted_
        Still not fixed :(
        Jun 23, 2017
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