Jun 18, 2015
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Jan 9, 1999 (Age: 18)


Server Owner, 18


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    1. Zeliuus
      One of your Moderators perma banned me for building N a Z i symbols which i didn't know was against the rules so a mod came and told me yo that is not allowed and im like oh okay sorry man so i stopped then the next day i try to log in and anysichia has banned me for ever not even a 7 day ban which the rules say you guys do a 7 temp ban instead of forever??
    2. _cool_gamer__
      and _cool_gamer__ is my user please unban me im so sorry
    3. _cool_gamer__
      plz listin i just got perm banned please unban me i did not know i could not post server ip please i beg you i just want to see my girlfriend
      i beg you with all my heart im sorry so so sorry please unban me im literily crying
    4. xNuettt
      answer your notifications, mail, whatever
    5. Toasted184
      Hi. I just realized my b-day is a day before yours... Well, hi anyways. :)
      1. xNuettt
        thats cool

        also happy really belated birthday c:
        Jun 19, 2017 at 2:28 AM
    6. xNuettt
      update your status sir
    7. PharaohPainted_
      Monis, last night I was aware that the saves were playing up. So, at this time, chunks of my builds are missing at /home pr (the builds are across the river, I spent 7 days on them so please fix them :( )
      1. PharaohPainted_
        Still not fixed :(
        Jun 23, 2017 at 11:43 AM
    8. kohen nelson
      kohen nelson
      hello superMonis
    9. Somehow_Amelia
      Hey uhhh there's a little problem... I can't join the server with MineChat anymore. Is that a problem with the server or is it just my phone?
      1. DxtorKiwi
        You should be able to join now, it's because minechat wasn't updated to join 1.12 servers yet.
        Jun 17, 2017
      2. Somehow_Amelia
        Oh okay. Thanks...
        Jun 19, 2017 at 6:10 AM
    10. UnicornMajesty
    11. X_Alie_X
      My friend, XJay11X, was banned for griefing on my plot, he didn't though. Could you, or someone else, please un-ban him? It would be great. Thank you.
      1. X_Alie_X
        His name could also be XxJay11xX if that doesn't work. Thanks.
        Jun 9, 2017
      2. Xxjay11xX
        THX Alie! Please. I really want to play on this wonderful server.
        Jun 9, 2017
    12. Nugget :)
      Nugget :)
      Halp my twin sister said she's make my account and put my birthday as 1900 can you fix that?
      1. UnicornMajesty likes this.
      2. UnicornMajesty
        Lol thats funny
        Jun 10, 2017
    13. SteelToeBoltz17
      In MC I Changed My User From SteelToeBoltz17 to xSteelToeBoltzx
    14. SteelToeBoltz17
      If You can change my forums name to: xSteelToeBoltzx That Would Be Great
      1. Xx_YandereTale
        You can do that yourself, btw.
        Jun 6, 2017
    15. Veronica(holeintheBRAIN)
      Monis, I have a problem. I can't access my plot on creative2, my plots on creative1 and 3 are fine though. it says I don't have a plot, but it's still there because I can still see all my builds on it from my neighbours plot. Is there anything that can be done, I worked really hard on it. (my mc username: holeintheBRAIN)
    16. moffnis
      you're my favorite person ever please love me back
    17. PaigePlayz2007
      I must talk to about something Monis. I got perm-banned for no reason and I so called "made an inappropriate builds", which I don't do. This must be a mistake. Either someone hacked my Minecraft account and did that, or one of my friends lied to a staff member and got me banned.
    18. vlodge
      500 followers? dayum boi
    19. AMonsterOfShame
      If You can change my forums name to: AMonsterOfShame. That Would Be Wonderful, Thank you.
    20. Darksaber_x
      Hello my Ingame name is Darksaber_x and i as ondering if this server of yours could istall a pulugin that allos peoples to make elevators without water or redstone it would make is so much easier for player to like me build hotels and shoppingmalls that request many floors
      1. MysticTerror
        May 31, 2017
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