Jun 18, 2015
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Jan 9, 1999 (Age: 18)


Server Owner, 18

Owner - need some more things to include in the GUI Feb 11, 2017

    1. Camogurl00
      I just wanted to say I love your server!
      1. Amarantiine and rorriM_ like this.
    2. SteelToeBoltz17
      I Want To Get Unbanned So.. Yeah My MC User Was SteelToeBoltz17
    3. SteelToeBoltz17
      Hey Supermonis It's Me SteelToeBoltzXD I Got Banned For Griefing
    4. Tef1012
      Hello... Someone banned me for building something inappropriate and I don't know what i built. It was BasicAly and I don't know whyI'm banned. If you could tell me why, I will never build anything inappropriate again (WHICH I DIDN'T DO) :( I love this server ='(
      1. GamingwithJJYT
        if you want to get unbanned go to the forums and make an appeal.
        Feb 25, 2017 at 1:46 PM
    5. MisterKomaeda
      hey som guy just threatened to hack me so can you look into banning him
      1. taffu likes this.
      2. Amarantiine
        Feb 22, 2017 at 6:17 PM
      3. MisterKomaeda
        that's the server report thing

        i already reported the message that's on my profile, just chill and let the man do the work
        Feb 22, 2017 at 6:22 PM
        taffu likes this.
      4. Amarantiine
        Just trying to help! :D
        Feb 22, 2017 at 6:31 PM
    6. KatCute
      Monis, I donated $9 (£7.50) for the 10% off day. Waited 2 days. Still no rank. Friends told me you need a receipt code. But that disappeared shortly after I bought it. I do have the pay pal reference though. What can I do?
      1. Eire
        Make a post in the help forum, you're more likely to get noticed.
        Feb 22, 2017 at 4:16 PM
    7. Xander
      i got grefed on my plot
      1. Xander
        Here is his Minecraft name Xxoso2xX
        Feb 22, 2017 at 4:00 AM
    8. _VeryMature_
      Monis hasn't given any ratings
      *cough* mean *cough*
      1. Eire
        I'm pretty sure that's inaccurate, because I've seen posts that have been liked by Monis, though rare.
        Feb 22, 2017 at 4:17 PM
      2. _VeryMature_
        Nope, he has given out 0 ratings lol
        Feb 23, 2017 at 7:32 PM
    9. hayleygrace
      Hey Monis... so I had rank $25 and donated $40 for $45 and expected $65 and it didnt work.. i got rank $45.. when it should have been $65
      1. taffu
        Feb 20, 2017 at 5:29 AM
    10. drewbabes
      May you please change my forums username to "Drewww_," thank you.
    11. TheGiulianoPG
      Hey SuperMonis, i just wanted to say that your server is awesome. I recently got permanently banned for griefing. I just wanted to ask you to please un- ban me because my friend was actually the one that took my laptop and griefed the plot. I really enjoy playing on your server and i hope to play on it again. my username is TheGiulianoPG. Thank you.
      1. taffu
        Feb 20, 2017 at 5:30 AM
    12. annamaria
      hey supermonis, i received that keui banned me for an inappropriate username of dushbag, and i thought it was just a funny and a good laugh of a username, so i'm so very sorry, but i didn't know i would get banned off of it without a warning, so thank you and i hope i can re enter the server
      1. Keui
        Read the note I have made on the same comment you made on my page.
        Feb 18, 2017
    13. RussianKitty
      Can you change my username to VikturiOnIce on here- I changed my name.
      1. CalienteAly
        Pm him
        Feb 19, 2017
    14. maddyo123
      help i got perm-banned i didnt do anything!
      this is my fave server plz plz un ban me!! ;(
      1. annamaria
        same, but for me having an inappropriate username of dushbag but i thought it was a funny username but i didnt get a warning that i would get banned for a username
        Feb 18, 2017
    15. Nathaniel .f
      Nathaniel .f
      can TPA to me and talk with me I'll be super happy to talk with you anytime!!! I'll be waiting for your response :) talk later Boss!
    16. Nathaniel .f
      Nathaniel .f
      Hi I want to see if I can become a staff member even tho I'm 14 I just want to help people around the server and teach them how to use world edit and all cause I like playing MC and helping others this is up to you my gamertag is SIX42 I'm a semi-pro at being a master builder I like your server I play it every day if you can
      1. Jameii
        Make a chatmod-application: Forums >> Chatmod Applications. Click "Read First!", copy the instructions, post your own thread and paste the instructions. Then fill in the questions.
        Feb 17, 2017
        Nathaniel .f likes this.
      2. Jameii
        Also you have to wait a month from the first day you joined before you can apply fro staff.
        Feb 17, 2017
        Nathaniel .f likes this.
      3. Nathaniel .f
        Nathaniel .f
        how can I find that I'm looking for it and I cant seem to see it anywhere
        Feb 18, 2017
    17. Noam
      Is that a bathtub in the background?
      1. hxcrux and taffu like this.
      2. LuisaDraws
        Really? XD It's a table!
        Feb 17, 2017
        Selfehh likes this.
      3. Noam
        ah, it looks great :D is the bookshelves having the same color scheme as the old CF symbol on purpose?
        Feb 17, 2017
      4. Selfehh
        it looks like a bathtub seriously haha
        Feb 17, 2017
    18. SarahMillerr
      oooo that pfp is lit
    19. MadTheGamer
    20. Amatheia
      Oh gosh, a pfp change.
      1. Amatheia
        I like it. :)
        Feb 16, 2017
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