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Jun 3, 2016
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July 21


New Member, Female

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Nov 14, 2017
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      Happy birthday
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      Happy birthmas
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      Welcome to the forums!
    4. IIAnd_PeggyII
      "When something bad or unexpected happens in your life, just stop for a second and yell out, PLOT TWIST! and move on. -Unknown"
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    July 21
    Hello, humans! I am the one known as IIAnd_PeggyII, a random geek who loves to roleplay on this server. I also help build wonderful things with my friends, MadeOfSalt, Caekin, Spuddles_, xXWind_FlueretXx, and many more! To check out our builds, do /home DayCourt or /home NightCourt.

    Here's a few things about me:

    Yes, I am a stereotypical theatre nerd. Deal with it.

    I have an OC. Her name is Octavia.

    I also have fanfic. Three, to be accurate.
    Dark Romances: A Multiple Choice Fanfiction.: That one is a Darkiplier fanfic. Read it, if you're into that stuff.
    The Best Thing About It: A Hamilton College AU. This one is about Lafayette and Peggy from Hamilton.
    And my very first, terrible fanfic.
    When Two Worlds Collide. This one is about Peggy And Lafayette, too. Go check these out on WattPad.

    I don't sound like the type of person who listens to Kendrick Lamar's new album, but it is my favorite thing on the earth. (Besides Hamilton and a few other amazing pieces of art.)


    I have been on this server for about a year and a half. I love it so much. The community is great and everyone is welcome. Wonderful society, amazing builds, and just an amazing feeling every time I come on. I keep an eye out for donation giveaways, so contact me if you've got one.
    I personally get on this server almost EVERY SINGLE DAY.
    It's unhealthy, but it's awesome.

    AND THAT'S IT! I feel like it's too much. Whatever.

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