Jun 18, 2015
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Mar 2, 1999 (Age: 18)


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http://i.imgur.com/zVfSSAd.jpg Jul 12, 2017

    1. Auraex
      Hey Dawn, for some reason I am still unable to update my username. Could you do it for me? New username is Invcivious.
      Thanks :)
    2. HorseWhisperer
      Hey Dawn, my username has changed on the forums for some reason, could you make me Savxqeli again? Thanks.
    3. Mixa
      I need help. When i try to join the server it says "U seem to be using VPN or Proxy" But I odnt use any of that. I have disable both. But It says the same thing anyway. I have heard a lot of pl have been getting that problem. So I though I may be a problem on ur side. Please help :33 <3
    4. Mute
      Can you make my fourm user Poppers? Thanks!
    5. KeithsButt
      Hello, I was wondering if I'd get banned for the user KeithsButt? I've asked a couple chat moderators, but they don't know for sure and they told me to ask a higher staff member.
    6. Natsukkiii
      Hello, May you change my name to Natsukkiii on the forums for me to avoid confustion? Thanks!
    7. gullfxss
      hi dawn, would it be possible to have my forum name updated to gullfxss as that is my current ign and i don't want to confuse anyone, thanks
    8. AllInNoWin
      I'm unsure if you are the correct person to get a hold of, but my birthdate is entered wrong and I was wondering if you could help correct it. Thanks.
    9. astrxlogical
      I bought the $10 rank a couple months ago and it only works on cf3, I've tried restarting my game, but it still doesn't work on cf1 or 2, is there a way you could fix this? It tends to get annoying at times, thank you. I also had a name change to astrxlogical
    10. Aviaki
      I did not put in my correct age when changing my account, please message me or reply if you can fix this.
    11. Aeoniani
      Hello Dawn, can you please change my forum name to Quindecimm. Thanks!
    12. Bxnks
      Hey, could you please change my Forum Name to Banks ^^ had the name Bxnks.. and I clicked update username but it changed it to my previous name instead.
    13. ___cheese___
      Hey, do you mind changing my username to ___cheese___? It is my current ign. (that's three underscores on each side)
    14. duckyfear
      Could you change my username to duckyfear? Thats my Minecraft Username and I want it for my Forums acc
    15. Aluxi_
      Could I please get you to change my username to Aluxi_? It is my current Minecraft user.
    16. Jimiinn
      Hi, can i please have my forums user updated to Jimiinn? Which is my minecraft user at the moment.
    17. ohnoNico
      i would like to get my name updated to ohnoNico which is my currnt mc name
    18. UltraPvP
      Could you please change my name to iSimplicitiI? This is my brothers account, he just passed it on to me since we share an email, therefore we can't have different accounts, we can only share this account. But I have to go through a name change, because I am not UltraMC_. Also gonna state that I am not 17 years of age, but 11 [nearing 12]. 17 is my brother's age. Just change my name, that will be fine. Thanks!
    19. Zyhax_lazyknite
      Please read my conversation when you have the time, thanks! :)
    20. HorseWhisperer
      Hey Dawn can you change my forums name to Savage_Insurance thx
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