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Jul 18, 2017 at 4:43 PM
Mar 30, 2016
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failing exams


Well-Known Member

It was nice while it lasted - thank you all. Jul 18, 2017

Bvffy was last seen:
Jul 18, 2017
    1. iiDecade
      We'll miss you forever.
    2. animalcats
      I'm not good at writing sentimental things, but I will miss you. So goodbye.
    3. _OmniiPotent_
      jeez rose, imma miss you. its been a fun knowing you ever since the 'R_Hoody' days imma miss complaining about gsce's and responsibilities with you ;)
    4. clarkke
      </3,, didn't know you personally, but you were one of the really kind people on here.
    5. izzywizzy
      I'll miss you, please visit every now and then
    6. Quvoria
      girl i'm gonna miss you

      be sure to hop on every now and then pls

      i know i already said something but it looked odd bc everyone said the same stuff lolol
      1. Dvrkness likes this.
    7. uoo
      babe dont leave me
      1. Quvoria likes this.
    8. sarkha
      I'll miss you. Good luck with whatever lies ahead! <3
      1. Dvrkness likes this.
    9. Mayacchi
      Ah crap, you're Rose??

      God dammit I didn't know

      Everyone's changing their names nowadays and I'm sorry

      Anyway, you were a good staff member. I really hope I still get to see you around.

    10. Lvlith
      I really enjoyed working with you rose, i wish you the best in your a-levels and i hope to still see your around <3
    11. Rogue
      1. Rogue
        Chu was good staff
        Jul 18, 2017
    12. Zulcyia
      I enjoyed working with you Rose, I wish you the best lucks in the future. You were an amazing chat mod and moderator. <3
    13. Quvoria
      I really enjoyed working with you over these past few months, hope to see you around the server some time <3
      1. Naariii likes this.
    14. Bvffy
      It was nice while it lasted - thank you all.
    15. izzywizzy
      you can stop at 5 or 6 stores, or just one ;)
      1. Bvffy likes this.
    16. Natsukkiii
      "Bvffy is not following you" u are no longer my friend nah jk
      1. Bvffy likes this.
    17. sarkha
      Long time no see.
      1. Bvffy likes this.
    18. Naariii
      Thanks Rose ;^) <3
      1. Bvffy likes this.
      2. Bvffy
        ohhh looks nice

        no problem <3
        Jul 13, 2017
        Naariii likes this.
    19. 01Alex10
      why is the server dead???
      1. Bvffy
        I don't know.
        Jul 4, 2017
        Cortexia likes this.
    20. Bvffy
      once more with feeling
      1. ohtragic likes this.
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  • About

    failing exams
    B v f f y
    we are the wild; we are the reckless youth

    Bvffy ; Buffy

    Hey, my name's Rose. I'm 16, female and from
    the u.k. As of right now, I am currently taking
    my a-levels. They are incredibly important to my
    future, so it's consuming a lot of my free time,
    but I try to get on when I can.

    I'm fairly introverted, choosing to spend my
    time avoiding most people. But, despite how
    obviously awkward I am, I do I have several
    friends here. They're all trash, but they're
    great people to chill with: floss, turtle, sachi
    marcus, callie, aly, mist and cap.

    I have several interests outside of Minecraft,
    though I wouldn't say I'm particularly good
    at them. Some of these interests include:
    writing, photography, reading, cycling
    and being an anxious mess 24/7.

    Music is something I've become very
    fond of, although I tend to listen to more
    alternative music, and alternative bands.
    Bands I have a fond interest in are:
    against the current, imagine dragons, pvris,
    fall out boy, walking on cars & twenty one

    As well as my obviously trashy taste in music,
    I find myself being wilfully dragged into varies
    fandoms such as harry potter, buffy the vampire
    slayer, dc universe, marvel, percy Jackson, angel,
    dollhouse and glee. Some of my biggest areas of
    trashiness are harry potter, buffy the vampire
    slayer & glee.














    I'd appreciate it if you didn't like spam me,
    since I don't want to be gaining likes for
    needless reasons, and I don't necessarily
    want my alerts spammed. Thank you.

    If you want to contact me, feel free to make
    a conversation with me, message me via my
    wall or privately message me on the server

    I don't give out my snapchat for my
    own privacy, however, you can still
    message/add me on discord, skype
    or Instagram.

    Discord: Rose#1219
    Skype: raspberry_001
    Instagram: anisychia

    Hope this has been informative and reveals
    a little more about me that you didn't
    previously know.


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