It has come to our attention that mini-modding has become a source of toxicity in the community, and we are now taking steps to remove it. In this post we will be discussing why it used to be effective and good, why it is no longer helpful, what we’re doing to remove it and what you can do to help instead.

Alright, first let’s talk about the term "mini-modding" and what it means. Mini-modding, or back-seat moderating is when a normal player that takes it upon themselves to help enforce rules. Mini-modding today takes shape as warning players excessively in global instead of leaving it up to the staff, and generally comes with negative connotations and a false sense of superiority. On most servers and forums it’s recognised as negative behaviour, and the same is now happening here.

In the past, mini-modding was something necessary due to the lack of staff, and fit in well with the way staff members were picked due to the server being quite small. It was very effective, and was helpful to staff as players used to report after three strikes, resembling the kick system we used. It was a lot easier to manage back then, because there were only a few people who helped moderate chat, and it was easily controlled if people started doing things a bit wrong.

Since then, however, things have gone a bit askew. With the sheer number of players we have on the server, if one player starts mini-modding wrong, a lot of players pick up on it and eventually, it has a big impact on how people moderate. After we introduced the new /punish system, we no longer used the three strikes system, meaning players got warned but then punished immediately. This meant that at its core, mini-modding lost it’s main purpose and became very spammy and pointless. As stated, in the past, we didn't have many staff members, and it was helpful if people were reported so that they could deal with rule breakers afterwards. Now...
Hey everyone, starting from today we will be rewarding the top 3 voters at the end of each month. This will apply to all the vote links starting on June but for this month we have reset the counter so you could easily win the coupons if you start voting from today and as soon as possible. Here's how the rewards work.

Top voter rewards:
  • 1st place: $30 coupon
  • 2nd place: $20 coupon
  • 3rd place: $10 coupon
These coupons can be used in all categories of our store and can also be used if you want to purchase a rank for a friend.

Avatar give away!

Our artist is hosting a free avatar give away contest, don't miss out on your chance to win a custom drawn avatar like the pictures above. To enter - click here and follow the steps below.​
  1. Post your Forum Username and Minecraft Name in this topic.
  2. This will be used https://www.random.org/ with the list of everyone's usernames, the one we'll be picking will be the first in the list.
  3. A video will also be posted of it so you guys see there is no cheating going on.
  4. Post your names until the 15th of May - The randomizer will be done on the 16th.
  5. The avatar will take 5-8 days to be complete
Note: Do not post your entry on here, click here and post on that thread.
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