Progress Report 23/11/2017

Hi all,

Not much has been going on with the server in terms of new features so I thought that it would be a good time to explain the current situation and what the future plans are. In general the chat report system needs some major reform for an upcoming feature that will introduce another element to the server which has not yet been seen -

Beta tester:

This is reserved for an upcoming feature that needs a large amount of testing before being moved to the live server and will revolutionise the way you play on the server. Testing will take place on Creative4 from an undisclosed date where you will be required to buy a Beta Tester Pass in order to join the server. Allowing every player to test the new feature will most likely cause lots of crashes due to the large amount of players which is why we have chosen to make this a paid whitelist service. The likely set price for a Beta Tester Pass will be $10. Once testing is over, Creative4 will be closed and the feature will be implemented on each creative server allowing all players to use it. Each Beta Tester will be given access to a special chat room as well as an exclusive role on the CreativeFun Discord where you can openly communicate issues or just chat with other Beta Testers. You can join the official discord server with this link:

Reporting messages:

The current reporting system has been effective at getting players to report messages in chat much more easily but it's not perfect for particular situations that may involve spam or context. This is why a major reform is being done with the way messages are reported and how staff deal with them. The new reporting system...
The chair feature has been improved!

The chair feature has had issues for a while due to problems within spigot but this has all been addressed and improved on.
  • You are no longer kicked from the chair
  • You can now sit on Purpur stairs
  • Only one person can sit on the same chair
  • Leaving the chair will no longer get you stuck inside
Now that only one person can sit on the same chair at a time, it is possible to play musical chairs!

This is a pretty small update but I still felt that it needed its own post since it is long overdue. The next post will most likely be about a new feature that is being worked on which will allow you to view every report you've made with the in-game report system and the status of every report you have made along with the staff member that handled the report.
Hi all,

We've been putting a lot of effort into the Discord for the past two months to make it a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. Discord link: So here's what we've done so far:
  • Added a custom moderation bot to mute users
  • Added a link filter to stop dangerous links from being sent
  • Simplified the verification process for users with DMs disabled
  • Adjusted rules to be orientated around Discord features such as voice chat
Planned features:
  • Custom music bot that will only play music from an approved list
  • Display feedback whenever a command is used in the #creativefun channel
  • Add a 1 minute cooldown to all commands to prevent spam
  • Create a /seen and /list command
  • Report users with a command
I'm sure that as time passes on we will have much more planned features but for now this is it :)

I'll explain the current features in detail below:

Verification process
Many users have their DMs disabled unknowingly as it used to be a default setting for Discord. You are no longer required to have DMs enabled to receive a verification code from the bot. If you have DMs disabled the bot will create a text channel called #click-here that is only visible to the user who joined and will contain the verification code. The channel will be removed once the code has been used. This should make verifying easier for new users that have DMs disabled since explaining how to enable DMs was confusing to some people.

Moderation bot
The bot is named "CreativeFun" and its presence is set to "Streaming on" If you are seen to be breaking any of the discord rules in chat a staff member will mute you. The first mute is 15 minutes, second mute is 1 hour, third mute is 6 hours, fourth mute is 12 hours, fifth mute...
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