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WorldEdit logging and rollback
All players now have access to our new worldedit logging tool, it's similar to /inspect but with a few changes. Use /check to gain access to the tool but keep in mind that this will not give you a designated item but will bind the tool to whatever you're holding. In the example below I'll be explaining how to use this tool effectively to find and fix worldedit grief.

The picture above shows a build which hasn't been destroyed and it's in perfect condition.

The picture above now shows that the same build has been partially destroyed by a worldedit command from someone who isn't the plot owner.

In this situation you should use /check and this bounds the logging tool to my hand because I wasn't holding anything in my hand when running the command. For simplicity I would recommend that you bind the tool to your hand and not a block.

Because the build is partially destroyed we can assume someone used a worldedit command to destroy the build so by right clicking on a block that was right next to a block that was removed in worldedit we can see that "SuperMonis changed planks:1 to air 2m 16s ago" At this point you should remove the user who griefed you from your plot as a safety measure. If someone used WorldEdit to change your whole build into something like wood for example, this is when you would left click on the blocks that were created with WorldEdit to find out who did it.

The command syntax to rollback worldedit is //frb <user> <radius> <time> where you must specify the user, radius and time depending on your grief. If the plot owner in this example was BasicAly, all she would have to do is //frb SuperMonis 200 15m and the build will be restored however if the...
ChatMod Applications

Applications for the rank ChatMod are now opened. We have added and edited two requirements that go along with the application process. You must now have an account on our forums for one month. The next change will involve demoted or resigned staff members. You must wait 3 months since your resignation or demotion. If your application was denied or you posted an application before we closed the applications. You may submit one, the 1 month wait rule has been voided!

If you are interested in submitting an application. All the requirements and application form can be found here.

Good luck!
CreativeFun logging and rollback
Command used: /inspect

All players are given access to this command, it will give you a clock which you can left click to inspect blocks or right click to inspect the adjacent block. This will allow you to see who's been griefing and how long ago it happened.

Command used: /rollback <user> <radius> <time>

We are also graciously allowing plot owners to be able to rollback their own plots. When dealing with water griefs the user that placed it may not show but it's possible to rollback the water by using #liquid as the user. The command arguments are pretty self explanatory; you need to define the user, radius and time to rollback.

Radius can be specified as such:

100 = Rollback within 100 blocks from where you're standing
200 = Rollback within 200 blocks from where you're standing
300 = Rollback within 300 blocks from where you're standing
400 = Rollback within 400 blocks from where you're standing

Time can be specified as such:

1s = Rollback 1 second ago
1m = Rollback 1 minute ago
1h = Rollback 1 hour ago
1d = Rollback 1 day ago

In the picture above I'm doing a rollback on the user "SuperMonis" with a radius of 100 blocks from the point I'm standing on and everything they did 10 minutes ago. You should always adjust your radius depending on how much of your plot was griefed and make sure to be at the location of the grief.

Please remember to report griefers by providing screenshots of inspect data, co-ordinates, server and owner of the plot. A moderator will then teleport to the location, confirm with /inspect if the report is genuine and ban the griefer. Keep in mind that even after a rollback the block data from the grief will still be shown so that staff can appropriately confirm who the griefer was instead of players having to wait for a moderator to come online to check out the incident before doing a rollback. 2 weeks of data is...
It has come to our attention that mini-modding has become a source of toxicity in the community, and we are now taking steps to remove it. In this post we will be discussing why it used to be effective and good, why it is no longer helpful, what we’re doing to remove it and what you can do to help instead.

Alright, first let’s talk about the term "mini-modding" and what it means. Mini-modding, or back-seat moderating is when a normal player that takes it upon themselves to help enforce rules. Mini-modding today takes shape as warning players excessively in global instead of leaving it up to the staff, and generally comes with negative connotations and a false sense of superiority. On most servers and forums it’s recognised as negative behaviour, and the same is now happening here.

In the past, mini-modding was something necessary due to the lack of staff, and fit in well with the way staff members were picked due to the server being quite small. It was very effective, and was helpful to staff as players used to report after three strikes, resembling the kick system we used. It was a lot easier to manage back then, because there were only a few people who helped moderate chat, and it was easily controlled if people started doing things a bit wrong.

Since then, however, things have gone a bit askew. With the sheer number of players we have on the server, if one player starts mini-modding wrong, a lot of players pick up on it and eventually, it has a big impact on how people moderate. After we introduced the new /punish system, we no longer used the three strikes system, meaning players got warned but then punished immediately. This meant that at its core, mini-modding lost it’s main purpose and became very spammy and pointless. As stated, in the past, we didn't have many staff members, and it was helpful if people were reported so that they could deal with rule breakers afterwards. Now...
Hey everyone, starting from today we will be rewarding the top 3 voters at the end of each month. This will apply to all the vote links starting on June but for this month we have reset the counter so you could easily win the coupons if you start voting from today and as soon as possible. Here's how the rewards work.

Top voter rewards:
  • 1st place: $30 coupon
  • 2nd place: $20 coupon
  • 3rd place: $10 coupon
These coupons can be used in all categories of our store and can also be used if you want to purchase a rank for a friend.

Avatar give away!

Our artist is hosting a free avatar give away contest, don't miss out on your chance to win a custom drawn avatar like the pictures above. To enter - click here and follow the steps below.​
  1. Post your Forum Username and Minecraft Name in this topic.
  2. This will be used https://www.random.org/ with the list of everyone's usernames, the one we'll be picking will be the first in the list.
  3. A video will also be posted of it so you guys see there is no cheating going on.
  4. Post your names until the 15th of May - The randomizer will be done on the 16th.
  5. The avatar will take 5-8 days to be complete
Note: Do not post your entry on here, click here and post on that thread.
Introducing the new Creative Fun discord server! For those of you who are not sure what Discord is, it's a voice over internet protocol; similar to teamspeak3 and skype. Click here to see why we chose Discord. It allows you to communicate with players across the world in a safe environment. Staff on the server are also moderators on the discord server and can kick, mute or ban users that abuse the server rules. Upon joining for the first time, you will be taken to the #welcome channel which will include the rules and explain how to use the Discord server. Make sure to verify your discord account otherwise you won't be able to chat.
Click here to connect
1.9 Server issues

I'm making this post to inform everyone about the issues 1.9 has brought to the server. Although there are no new items banned besides end crystals. 1.9 has a huge problem with the way it handles chunks both client side and server side and has changed from the efficient way 1.8 handled chunks. Here's just a few of the problems:

The 1.9 client keeping chunks stored longer than the server (Defeating the purpose of server view distance)
Server not unloading chunks properly (Server load keeps increasing continuously)
When forcefully trying to unload a chunk it is loaded in again (Custom fix doesn't work)

Mojang has definitely changed something with rendering chunks however no one is quite sure what was changed to make the performance so bad and therefore the server has been having all sorts of lag issues. For now we have set the limit to 350 on Creative1 and 300 on Creative2 until the issue is sorted. We realise this isn't the positive start we all expected from 1.9 but limiting the server's player limit is the only way to prevent crashes from occurring. I hope that everyone is understanding of our stance in regards to everything that is being taken place.
We've updated all our servers to 1.9, you will not be able to connect via 1.8 even though no message is displayed. We're working hard to eliminate all problems related to doors, bows, lag ect. With all that in mind, I hope you all enjoy the new update :)

Click here for more information on how to become a tester for the new plugins and servers.